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Pro-life movement taking images of aborted fetuses to new heights: Jumbotrons – WASHINGTON EXAMINER

This week, Kentucky pro-lifers are pulling out all the stops to force the state’s last abortion clinic to close. On Friday, a federal judge ordered a buffer zone be created around EMW Women’s Surgical Center, Louisville’s sole clinic that performs abortions. Wednesday, activist groups Operation Save America and Created Equal will display images of aborted fetuses on a jumbotron outside the clinic.

But gruesome jumbotrons won’t do much to change the minds of moderates, and pro-lifers should reconsider their tactics if they want to have an impact.

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Podcast Ep #75: Hyperbole & pop-culture in politics

Managing Editor of Young Voices, Liz Wolfe, joins the podcast to share her thoughts on political use of The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as preview her upcoming piece on how non-profits are addressing homelessness with pod homes.

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