Vera is a journalist and civil rights activist from Russia. Her professional experience includes working for, a leading Russian business media outlet, “Novaya Gazeta”, a newspaper known for its investigative journalists, and the Voice of America. She also co-founded, a non-profit website dedicated to the problems of Russian military forces, which was nominated for “The Best of Online Activism” award by Deutsche Welle. Besides, she authored a documentary book Pussy Riot: The True Story. In 2012, Vera was elected as a member of the Municipal Council in Moscow. The Washington Post called her “the new face of Russia’s opposition”. Consequently, she was honoured with the Democracy Award by the US National Endowment for Democracy. Recently, she worked as Editor-in-chief at Kiev-based, an educational online media outlet focusing on post-Soviet countries. Vera graduated in Journalism from Moscow State University and is currently seeking her master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of Oxford.

Latest Media Appearances and Published Works