Tyler Koteskey is an Education Policy Analyst at the Reason Foundation, where he researches school finance reform and portable student funding. He is a contributor for, where he regularly writes on foreign policy and civil liberties issues. A California native now based in Washington, DC, Tyler is still  vainly searching for Mexican food that’s as good his home state’s.

Tyler joined Young Voices in 2014 as an intern at Reason. With guidance from Young Voices’ staff, Tyler was able to secure a fellowship and eventually a full-time position at the think tank.

“Young Voices is a key resource for young journalists and policy professionals looking to make their voices heard. Writing well and building relationships with editors are invaluable career skills that employers rarely teach intentionally. Young Voices can help young professionals cultivate these skills much faster. My relationship with YV has helped me give a much wider audience for my policy work, build up a healthy list of bylines, and ultimately become a columnist. The program is an invaluable opportunity aspiring writers would be foolish to pass up.”