Kaytee Moyer is a graduate from Millersville University, and a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Kaytee’s writing has appeared in a number of publications, including LifeZette, The Libertarian Republic. She is a regular columnist at PennLive.

Young Voices helped Kaytee by suggesting content to write about in her regular columns. Thanks to our suggestions, Kaytee is now one of the top political commentators in her state.

Being an Advocate for Young Voices has helped to shape my talents and my confidence while expressing political thoughts and opinions. Whether it is getting advice for public appearances or shaping an idea for a piece, YV has been an integral part of my personal success as a writer and political commentator. Having availability to knowledgeable, successful young writers has helped me to hone in my craft and has helped to develop myself into a successful voice for the liberty movement.