Young Voices in the news this December 2017

Liz Wolfe joins Cheddar in NYC to discuss the DoJ and #MeToo (CHEDDAR) – Liz Wolfe

Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

The Neoliberal Revolution of Individual Buying (SPLICE TODAY) – Camilo Gomez

Airbnb Regs Are Bad for Small Towns Too (FEE) – Martha Ekdahl

D.C.’s Wharf Makes the City’s Housing Problems Worse (PLANETIZEN) – Jerrod Laber

Star Wars & politics collide on Kennedy show (FOX BUSINESS) – Stephen Kent

Yale Holds Transcript of Fmr Basketball Star in Title IX Suit Hostage (REASON) – Liz Wolfe

Is There Ever Such a Thing as a Good Coup? (REAL CLEAR WORLD) – Deshani Gunathilake

No, Tax Cuts Don’t Kill People (FEE) – Bradley Polumbo

Conservative Snowflakes Get Protesting Nebraska Instructor Booted From Her Teaching Job (REASON MAGAZINE) – Dan King

If You Want Human Rights, Start with Economic Rights (FEE) – Tirzah Duren

If you want a free and open internet, you should oppose net neutrality (RARE) – Don Lim

Congress Must Offset Disaster Spending (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Jake Grant

Not Content Punishing its Own Students, RPI Goes After a Visitor (REASON) – Lindsay Marchello

Getting Rid of Mugabe Isn’t Enough – Zimbabwe Needs Change (REAL CLEAR WORLD) – Martin Van Staden

Trump has the right to block you on Twitter (RARE) – Bradley Polumbo

Population Controls Are Ill-Advised and Inhumane (FEE) – John Bianchi

Big Brother Comes to the Bathroom (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

When it comes to government nannies, Europe takes the cake (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Stephen Lusk



D.C.’s Wharf Makes the City’s Housing Problems Worse – PLANETIZEN

A fantastic original reporting piece by Jerrod Laber of Young Voices, including photography. Learn a bit about DC’s housing situation and a subsidy ridden development called The Wharf.

“Located in the southwest quadrant of D.C. on the Washington Channel, The Wharf’s completed phase one features a series of modern, luxury highrises, a hotel, and various retail and dining options on the ground floors of each. One building features a banner that reads “Live Life Amplified”––no clarification of the amplified life’s price tag included. But it includes upscale bike stores, public marshmallow roasts, rooftop cocktail lounges, Shake Shack, ice skating rinks, and dodging troves of people on uncomfortable and thin cobblestone walkways, all as Christmas music is blasted in surround sound.”

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