Young Voices in the news (Feb 23rd – March 9th)



We Don’t Need Climate Planners to Be Our Population Planners (FEE) – Josh Smith

Cruelty toward immigrants is bipartisan (RARE) – Ruben Pacheco

Your Tattoos Are Problematic (REASON MAGAZINE) – Liz Wolfe

The Trump administration throws a lifeline to ObamaCare victims (THE HILL) – Charlie Katebi

War Powers: Return to Congress (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Michael Shindler

On “merit-based” immigration, Republicans love big government (RARE) – Brad Polumbo

If Concealed Carry Reciprocity Would Violates State’s Rights, So Does The Civil Rights Act (THE FEDERALIST) – Matthew Larosiere

Are ‘Defense Hawks’ and ‘Fiscal Conservatives’ at Odds? (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Jake Grant

Iceland Could Start a Worldwide Shift Away From Circumcision (SPLICE) – Sam Dunkovich

Kim Kardashian West highlights the beauty of markets (RARE) – Tirzah Duren

Trumponomics Challenges Mainstream Fiscal Paradigms (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Albert Gustafson

Podcast #101: Real talk on merit-based immigration

Bradley Polumbo is a Young Voices Advocate at UMass who recently wrote in Rare about the issue of immigration. He writes:

“So what’s the real reason Trump, and some Republicans, are so willing to embrace big government to keep “unskilled” immigrants out? Consider the fact that our president pushed the conspiracy that former President Obama wasn’t born in the US, once called for a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country, and was sued for housing discrimination against black people—it shouldn’t be hard to see why.”

Today he joined the YV Podcast to explain why he thinks Republicans are backing big government on immigration.

#101: Real talk on merit-based immigration

Announcing the Young Voices Award

Young Voices is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at the Reason Foundation aimed at highlighting excellent libertarian writers under 30. Reason will be giving away a $2,500 award named in Young Voices’ honor at the 2018 Reason Media Awards, to be held on July 14th at FreedomFest in Las Vegas.

Nominations for the award are now open on Young Voices’ website through April 6th. Prospective candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Young Voices will select three finalists who will receive a free trip to FreedomFest to participate in the festivities. I will be hosting a breakout panel at the conference with the three on the future of journalism.

Please nominate any journalist or policy writer under 30 who exemplifies excellence in promoting libertarian values. Young Voices is thrilled to promote the work of tomorrow’s thought leaders for freedom!

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