Young Voices Advocate Yael Ossowski published in the PanAm Post on the Quebec Independence Movement

Young Voices Advocate Yael Ossowski has been published in the PanAm Post writing about the differences between the independence movements in Canada and Spain.

The factor which separates the two breakaway nations, however, is politics. Unlike Catalonia, Québec’s independence movement has moved away from grand marches and nationalistic celebrations, and instead toward the political arena. It’s been championed by the pro-independence Parti Québécois, the party heading the current government. They’ve been in power for a combined 19 of the last 37 years, and held unsuccessful referendums on national sovereignty in 1980 and 1995, the latter of which lost by less than 1 percent.

Though intellectuals, artists, and civil society groups have pushed for Québec’s independence over the years, it is the Parti Québécois, and its federal counterpart the Bloc Québécois, that have personified the movement. Therefore, the idea of sovereignty has become more about molding political institutions and seeking power than seceding from Canada.

You can find the entire article What the Québec Independence Movement Can Learn from Catalonia here.

Associate Cathy Reisenwitz Published by Reason

Today Reason magazine published a column by Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz, Better Mental Health Care, Not New Gun Laws, Will Prevent Future Mass Shootings.

Earlier this year, stand-up comedian and talk-show host Joe Rogan tweeted, “This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem.” As more facts come to light about the Washington Navy Yard shooting last week, it seems he hit the nail on the head.

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Social Justice: The New “White Man’s Burden”

Recently and continuously the issue of race in the Miley Cyrus video and allegations of prejudice and racism arose and continuously have circulated on the Internet. Miley is using the black women as props they shout, she’s shaming and making a mockery out of black culture they furiously type on their keyboards, however, I have one question: Since when did privileged white bloggers feel they are society’s last great defense against racism and must defend minorities? No one asked for a great white defender, and arguably no one needs one.

When watching the performance for the first time on YouTube, I just turned it off after 10-20 seconds. I saw no reason to continue. Be that as it may, those with a PhD from Interwebs University in Psychology and Sociology felt the need to dissect this video in multiple ways. Deep inside the bowels of a trendy metropolitan area, you will find society’s newest self-proclaimed freedom fighters. They are individuals often who are privileged enough to go to school to study something almost entirely academic, and often at the best schools this nation has to offer. They raise themselves to what they believe is the highest moral standard and admonish anyone else who doesn’t agree as either racist, ignorant, or a number of other things no one arguably should want to be called. However, if they were not white, would they be able to reasonably make this claim?

The hypocrisy that pervades this social group is repulsive on levels to which I’m surprised I don’t vomit on my keyboard before I’m at an article’s end. As they type from their Chinese- mass-produced laptops, some lambast Capitalism as an evil system, despite supporting the companies which embrace the system most strongly. Others talk of how their adversaries either suffer from or are affected by someone’s “white privilege” yet the only reason they know that term is from being formally educated, one of the key indications of privilege. However, the most infuriating aspect of these individuals is what they feel is their right, their need, their duty to defend minorities from racism, especially in events when no minority groups clamor to do so.

Who allowed you to defend the black performers who performed alongside Miley Cyrus? I don’t recall the CEO of Viacom instituting a urban-wide program of rounding up black females and pointing guns at their heads, screaming at them to “OBJECTIFY YOURSELVES OR DIE!!” Since when did you get to decide what is considered indecent for anyone to do, regardless of race? Wait, I know exactly what it is! Your White Privilege, the burden of being a white, educated individual!

“Wait!” they say, “I’m not privileged! I’m a white person fighting against the social constructs of society! I’m fighting FOR the minorities!!.” No, you aren’t. You take your white privilege that was given to you at birth, reinforced by your ability to obtain higher education, and then to publicly admonish anyone who violates your principles of decency because you believe society should be the way you want it to. Before Barack Obama, the possibility of a black president was laughable, even if you were to ask any black person. It only became a possibility when the people in your culture decided they would vote for him. In the opposite direction, you have rejected the twerking because you decide it’s racist since you re uncomfortable with the situation.

The retorts will be, “But, the camera panned on Rhianna! Even she was outraged!!” News Flash: Rhianna’s light skin and relaxed hair allows her to pass as white in the same way that Beyonce is allowed to, and even she is just as much a prostitute to the “patriarchy” they complain about as any other mainstream media personality, including Miley. You all have been fooled horrifically and you go on these moral crusades because you feel you have the right to do so on behalf of a black person or any minority. You feel as if you are the only people, the only generation who can change this, because no generation previously has had to deal with this before.

Every time I see these blog posts on the VMAs or anything dealing with black racism, no matter what they actually type I only hear the same thing:

“You can’t expect those negroes to stand up for themselves! They’re down trodden and disadvantaged. They need a Great White Defender!! Someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the patriarchy or the man!!”

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