Fred Roeder quoted by TheLocal on ‘re-municipalization’ of the Berlin Energy Grid

The Local, “Germany’s News in English,” and the largest English-language German news site, quoted Young Voices Director Fred Roeder in an article on a referendum in Berlin, Germany that aims to ‘re-municipalize’ the power grid entitled Berlin group wants to take the power back:

Berlin-based economist and director of NGO Young Voices, Fred Roeder, told The Local the move could have “fatal effects on the competitiveness and credit rating of Berlin.”

“Berlin’s per capita debt is already higher than that of the bankrupt city of Detroit. After acquiring the energy grid for up to €3 billion, the public finances and credit rating of Berlin would be even worse than they already are,” said Roeder.

The bill for the grid license would increase the city’s debt by around five percent, he said, and would push interest costs up by €100 million a year. “This illustrates how economically non-viable this initiative is and that the promised return on investment … won’t be realized.”

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Young Voices Advocate Sarah Harvard Published by Atlantic Community

Today Atlantic Community published a column by Young Voices Advocate Sarah Harvard, Transparency Key to Reformed US Drone Policy:

With studies conducted by New York University and Stanford University, reports have surfaced that for every terrorist killed forty-nine innocent civilians are left dead. The heightened use of signature drone strikes – bombings that target individuals that the administration cannot identify – has created mass outrage among the Muslim and Arab World.

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Advocate Aleksandar Kokotovic featured on

Young Voices Advocate Aleksandar Kokotovic has been published on writing about Kosovo-Serbian relations:

Municipal elections scheduled for November 3rd caused a new deterioration in the relations between the two bordering countries and worries in the region and the European Union respectively. A week ago, only a couple of days after stating to Serbian media that he “doesn’t accept that it’s normal to be homosexual”, Serbian prime-minister Ivica Dacic threatened to pull out of talks with Kosovo. This was after the government in Pristina suggested that he won’t be allowed to enter Kosovo during the election campaign. This created tensions for a few days, as it would endanger not only the EU integration process for both countries but create another unstable situation in the region.

You can find the entire post here.

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