Young Voices Director Fred Roeder published by ‘Wirtschaftswoche’ on ‘How to Help the Poor’

Young Voices Director Fred Roeder was published by writing about how to foster growth and prosperity in third world countries. The op-ed was co-authored by Youri Chassin from Montreal Economic Institute and refers to a study published by Montreal Economic Institute that shows the negative impact of foreign aid on the development prospects of third world countries.

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Wirtschaftswoche is the largest German economics and business weekly and reaches about 0.9 Million readers per week.

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Young Voices Advocate Rasmus Brygger published by writing about Bitcoin substituting traditional Currencies

Young Voices Advocate Rasmus Brygger‘s op-ed “Bitcoins will revolutionize the economy of the future” has been published by the Danish news outlet

He writes in his opinion piece:

Bitcoin is for money what email has been for letters. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is making rapid inroads into the world economy.

I wonder if it is time to drop the fear of technology and move into the 21st century? Just as there is no central body which offers email, Bitcoins aren’t controlled by a central bank, but rather a mathematical algorithm in a huge network of users that regulates the flow of money.

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