Advocate Sara Labib Writes About Egypt in The Oslo Times

Young Voices Advocate Sara Labib has been published by The Oslo Times. In her op-ed Sara writes about Egypt’s long way to become a liberal democracy:

For a liberal democracy to materialize in Egypt, the rejection of totalitarian ideology and authoritarian systems of government is required. Such a rejection must happen in society before it can reach those in power. However, with the rise of extreme nationalism and the people’s readiness to approve oppression as long as it is targeted at their political opponents, such a rejection is far from likely. While the denunciation of anti-democratic institutions is necessary, it is not sufficient to fuel the emergence of a rights respecting government. An alternative to the current political landscape is also necessary. Even if we concede that the fall of the Brotherhood’s popularity equals a setback for Islamism as an ideology, it still does not mean there is a better ideology ready to take its place.

The entire article can be found here. The Oslo Times is an international media organization with its presence in more than 32 countries. It is also among the fastest growing media organizations in Scandinavia, and works via a network of journalists, freelancers, regional news partners, volunteers, and human rights activists across geographies.

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Advocates Rasmus and Fred Published in Denmark’s Leading Business Newspaper

Young Voices Advocate Rasmus Brygger (Denmark) and Director Fred Roeder (Germany) have been published in today’s Børsen writing about how the deregulation of the German labor market helped millions of jobless people to obtain employment.

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The entire article can be found here (in Danish and for subscribers of Børsen only). Børsen is Denmark’s leading business newspaper, has a circulation of 59,752 daily copies and reaches about 180,000 readers.

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Advocate Axel Kaiser on the Importance of More Honesty and Integrity in the Chilean Business Community

Young Voices Advocate Axel Kaiser writes got published by the Chilean Newspaper El Mercurio with his column “For a few more Dollars.” Axel argues in hies column that the Chilean business community needs to strive for more transparency and integrity on order to win more credibility within Chilean public opinion and debunk the myth that business men are immoral.

The entire piece can be found here (in Spanish only). El Mercurio is Chile’s largest newspaper.

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