Associate Cathy Reisenwitz Published in Forbes on Janet Yellen

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz was published by Forbes writing about Janet Yellen:

Continuing quantitative easing means we’ve decided that forcing Millennials to work until we die by bankrupting Social Security, taxing our future earnings to pay current debt obligations and making us unable to save for retirement is worth the negligible impact QE has had on economic growth or employment because we really want to keep government growing. Millennials would be wise to instead insist government balance its checkbook through spending reductions and tax increases, fully fund entitlements and stop stealing from our future.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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Young Voices Advocate Writing About Hungarian Disease in Greece’s Largest Business News Portal

Young Voices Advocate Charilaos Peitsinis and FOR Economist Marek Tatala have been published by writing about the plans of the Polish government to nationalize the private pillar of the Polish pension system

The entire piece can be found here (in Greek).

Young Voices Advocates from various countries are currently helping to raise awareness of the Hungarian Disease and its consequences for the next generation. The Hungarian Disease needs to be contained or better cured in order to ensure intergenerational justice and sustainable pension systems.

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