Fred Published on on The Disaster of Germany’s Green Energy Policy and Lessons for the US

Young Voices Director Fred Roeder has been published on In his opinion piece ‘What The U.S. Can Learn From Germany’s Green Energy Debacle’ Fred writes about how the move of German politicians to put the country’s entire energy supply on green energy has caused an abundance of energy and higher prices at the same time:

The German example shows how legislation produced higher energy prices even as energy abounded. And it created a situation in which excess energy actually produces higher costs for consumers. Perhaps the least fair part of the whole scheme is how these prices disproportionately impact low-income households, who are forced to subsidize green energy for richer families to support politicians’ green energy visions.

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Yael and Fred Published in the PanAm Post on Cheaper Meat and Cars

Today the PanAm Post published Advocate Yael Ossowski and Director Fred Roeder on the Canadian government’s recently signed free trade agreement with the European Union.

And while managed trade deals with politicians at the negotiating table aren’t anyone’s idea of a great time, it is beyond doubt that the benefits for consumers worldwide will come to fruition in lower taxes, lower prices, and more competition in the world market.

Let us celebrate this agreement but also make certain that we push for further reductions of trade barriers around the world, so the positive impact of fruitful exchanges can make everyone, not just in Canada and the European Union, richer and better off.

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Advocate Sara Labib Writes About Egypt in The Oslo Times

Young Voices Advocate Sara Labib has been published by The Oslo Times. In her op-ed Sara writes about Egypt’s long way to become a liberal democracy:

For a liberal democracy to materialize in Egypt, the rejection of totalitarian ideology and authoritarian systems of government is required. Such a rejection must happen in society before it can reach those in power. However, with the rise of extreme nationalism and the people’s readiness to approve oppression as long as it is targeted at their political opponents, such a rejection is far from likely. While the denunciation of anti-democratic institutions is necessary, it is not sufficient to fuel the emergence of a rights respecting government. An alternative to the current political landscape is also necessary. Even if we concede that the fall of the Brotherhood’s popularity equals a setback for Islamism as an ideology, it still does not mean there is a better ideology ready to take its place.

The entire article can be found here. The Oslo Times is an international media organization with its presence in more than 32 countries. It is also among the fastest growing media organizations in Scandinavia, and works via a network of journalists, freelancers, regional news partners, volunteers, and human rights activists across geographies.

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