Advocate Cathy Published by The Blaze

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz was published by The Blaze writing about the Paul Ryan budget deal.

Democrats are so reluctant to avoid sequestration they let go of their plan to extend employment benefits to pass this deal. Failing to take advantage of this situation in order to prop up a bloated and wasteful DoD, while allowing entitlement programs to continue to bankrupt this country isn’t leadership. This is one case where it would be far better to do nothing.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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White House Will Respond to Associate’s Health Care Policy Proposal

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz won a contest from Millennial opinion website PolicyMic with a proposal for fixing the Affordable Care Act. The proposal with the most “mics” in each of three categories, Local Education, National Engagement, and Policy Proposals, will receive a personal response from the White House.

PolicyMic is the voice of our generation, and we’re using our exciting platform to spark meaningful conversation on the issues that matter to young people. PolicyMic‘s “Open Mic” for health care gave our generation the unique opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas on how to educate our generation about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and suggest ways to make the law work better for us.

Reisenwitz submitted a proposal to the Policy Proposal category called They want you to think this is complicated. It’s really not. Let competition work. Each submission had to be under 500 words.

Due to government tampering, there is no market for health insurance. It’s currently illegal to:

*Offer customers catastrophic-care health insurance

*Sell health insurance plans across state lines

*Give employees cash to buy plans at the same tax rate as choosing their health insurance for them

Ending the regulatory burden and tax incentives in just these three areas would:

*Give Millennials the ability to buy affordable health insurance that works for them

*Force insurers to actually compete for customers, increasing quality while decreasing price

*End the employer/insurance link, eliminating the incentive for plans which cover routine care

Paying for routine care out of pocket instead of through insurance would allow and incentivize price shopping and competition, decreasing prices and increasing quality. It would also reduce administrative costs and overtreatment.

They want you to think this is complicated. It’s really not. Let competition work.

That proposal beat the next-best-performing submission by more than 100 mics. The White House will be issuing a response in January.

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Advocate Axel Kaiser Published by El Mercurio

Young Voices Advocate Axel Kaiser was published by El Mercurio writing about an egalitarian dystopia, a social order in which only merits and equality of opportunity would define success coming to the conclusion that such a society would have to be totalitarian.

You can find the entire opinion piece (in Spanish) here.

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