D.C.’s Wharf Makes the City’s Housing Problems Worse – PLANETIZEN

A fantastic original reporting piece by Jerrod Laber of Young Voices, including photography. Learn a bit about DC’s housing situation and a subsidy ridden development called The Wharf.

“Located in the southwest quadrant of D.C. on the Washington Channel, The Wharf’s completed phase one features a series of modern, luxury highrises, a hotel, and various retail and dining options on the ground floors of each. One building features a banner that reads “Live Life Amplified”––no clarification of the amplified life’s price tag included. But it includes upscale bike stores, public marshmallow roasts, rooftop cocktail lounges, Shake Shack, ice skating rinks, and dodging troves of people on uncomfortable and thin cobblestone walkways, all as Christmas music is blasted in surround sound.”

Bradley Polumbo talks “campus coddling” Fox & Friends First – FOX NEWS

Bradley Polumbo is a student at UMass and a Young Voices Advocate. He noticed a bizarre display in his dorm hallway and Tweeted out a photo. This led to a write up in Campus Reform, an interview with Boston Herald Radio, a mention on Kennedy and this morning an interview with Fox News.

Sometimes all it takes is a Tweet.

Podcast #94: Feminism is the word of the year

Feminism is Merriam Websters Word of the Year! On the Young Voices podcast today is Advocate, Ibis Valdes, of Florida. She walks Stephen through the year of 2017 and what led to this decision, and also breaks down the many strands of feminism, the future of gender relations and ways society needs to evolve.

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