Young Voices Published in Huffington Post Quebec Writing About Free Trade

Young Voices Advocate Yael Ossowski and Director Fred Roeder were published by Huffington Post Quebec writing about the positive effects a free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union will have for consumers on both sides of the Atlantic. This piece has already been published in German (Huffington Post Germany) and English (PanAmPost).

Any kind of relaxation of import tariffs and increase of import quotas should be welcomed since those allow more choice for consumers. At the same time it is important to stress out that those trade negotiations that last for years, have an uncertain outcome, and result in merely increasing import quotas.

The entire piece can be found here (in French only).

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Fred Roeder Writes About the Dangers of Rent Control in Germany

Young Voices Director Fred Roeder has been published by Huffington Post Germany writing about the potential introduction of rent control in German cities. Fred argues that rent control would actually worsen the situation of tenants in large cities and would lead to a decrease of housing supply.

The entire piece can be found here (in German).

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Advocate Zachary Slayback Published in the Daily Caller

Young Voices Advocate Zachary Slayback was published in The Daily Caller writing about why the merger between US Airways and American Airlines should be allowed to proceed:

In the end, it is unlikely that the DOJ’s lawsuit will succeed, with US Airways and American likely settling to use fewer overall slots at specific airports and to reach an endgame with the DOJ. Despite the eventual success of the merger, every day the DOJ attempts to block is another day that consumers, shareholders, and the global economy miss out on the benefits.

The entire piece can be found here.

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Associate Cathy’s Revenge Porn Post Referenced in Slate

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz’s Talking Points Memo article, Revenge Porn Is Awful, But The Law Against It Is Worse was referenced in a recent Slate article on the topic, How to Make Revenge Porn a Crime.

Free speech advocates worry that revenge porn laws are too broad and vague, and thus risk chilling protected speech. Is there a collision here with the First Amendment? These concerns are real, but not insurmountable. Careful and precise drafting is the key. Revenge porn laws can and should make clear that it is a crime to distribute someone’s sexually explicit images without consent if those images do not concern matters of public importance. Worded that way, a law wouldn’t apply, for example, to the woman who published Anthony Weiner’s crotch shots.

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Advocate Axel Kaiser Wins a Mexican Liberty Award and $15,000

Young Voices Advocate Axel Kaiser has won first place in the Paths of Freedom essay contest! He will I receive his prize, plus $15,000 directly from the former President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus in Mexico City on November 28th.

The contest is organized by the Salinas Group in Mexico. It is the most competitive essay contest in the Spanish-speaking world on subjects related to liberalism.