Pension Reform Campaign Mentioned in German HuffPost

Young Voices Director Fred Roeder and FOR Economist Marek Tatala have been published by Huffington Post Germany writing about the plans of the Polish government to nationalize the private pillar of the Polish pension system

The entire piece can be found here (in German).

Young Voices Advocates from various countries are currently helping to raise awareness of the Hungarian Disease and its consequences for the next generation. The Hungarian Disease needs to be contained or better cured in order to ensure intergenerational justice and sustainable pension systems.

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Cathy’s Kwame Kilpatrick Story Linked From New York Times Topic Page

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz‘s Reason article, Kwame Kilpatrick Is Just the Tip of the Corruption Iceberg, is linked from the New York Times topic page for Kwame Kilpatrick.

Here’s an analogy. You see your toddler has a screwdriver in his hand and he’s pointing it at an outlet menacingly. You can either wait for the shock, or take the screwdriver away from the toddler. In case it wasn’t clear, politicians are toddlers, and screwdrivers are regulatory power. Only in real life, it’s usually just the taxpayers who get shocked.

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Advocate Mate Published in The Jerusalem Post

Young Voices Advocate Mate Hajba was published today by The Jerusalem Post writing about the problems and threats refugees have to face in Hungary:

The EU direly needs to ease the immigration process, and Hungary has its own issues to resolve. More interaction is needed with foreigners, and the government must make conditions better by granting more open facilities, and not imprison peaceful and innocent refugees.

There should be a thorough investigation of abuse cases. In addition Hungary should look beyond its borders to find examples of solutions. The few facilities Hungary actually has are overcrowded, badly managed, and many of them are prison-like. Easing immigration processes would reduce the time refugees have to stay in such camps, require fewer capacities and overall ease the situation in such camps.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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