Pension Reform Article Published in Danish Paper

Young Voices Advocates Marek Tatala and Alex Vanopslagh have been published by Danish paper Information writing about the plans of the Polish government to nationalize the private pillar of the Polish pension system.

Young Voices Advocates from various countries are currently helping to raise awareness of the Hungarian Disease and its consequences for the next generation. The Hungarian Disease needs to be contained or better cured in order to ensure intergenerational justice and sustainable pension systems.

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Young Voices Forbes Post Published by 4Liberty

Marek Tatala & Fred Roeder’s article ‘How The Hungarian Disease Is Spreading Across Central Europe‘ was recently republished 4Liberty, “a platform for experts and intellectuals from Central and Eastern Europe.”

In September of this year, Polish prime minister Donald Tusk announced his intention to undo pension system reforms and seize parts of the mandatory private pension funds. If implemented, this plan will lead to a pension fund nationalization a la Hungary under Victor Orban and Argentina under the Kirchners. The law would undo the successful achievements of the Polish transformation since 1989, which was achieved through privatization and not nationalization. The European Commission and IMF turn a blind eye to these dangerous developments. A potential chain reaction of further nationalizations needs to be stopped.

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Advocate Furdek Published by TownHall

Young Voices Advocate Rebecca Furdek was published by TownHall writing about civil asset forfeiture:

Because of the growth of the forfeiture regime, and the resulting increased awareness of this absurd regime in recent years, there is far more than dollars at stake. Morale is on the line. Credibility is on the line. The doctrine of innocent until proven guilty, and the resulting long-held public assurance of this being the rightful relationship of the state to individuals, is on the line. And if law enforcement truly values these dire social and philosophical concerns, they will not forfeit their own credibility for the mere sake of profit.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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Advocate Labib Featured in WorldMag

Young Voices Advocate Sara Labib was featured in a story in WorldMag about Egypt:

Born in Alexandria, Sara spent high-school and college years studying in Europe. She just finished a master’s degree in economics and international law in Belgium. Despite the uncertainty and violence in Cairo, she returned to make it her home again this year.

Sara works as a law intern while lending her intellect to the important political developments in Egypt as part of a new nonprofit called Young Voices. She closely follows daily developments in the interim government’s faltering progress toward a new constitution and elections, using her “small platform,” she says, to speak up for Egypt’s youth. She is a faithful chronicler via her own blog (, plus writes for U.S. and international think tanks and makes television appearances.

You can find the opinion piece here.

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