Libertarians supported gay rights long before liberals did

Since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage last week, libertarians and conservatives have had a field day pointing out how slow liberal politicians’ have been to “evolve” on the issue. Here at Rare, for example, my colleague Betsi Fores published an article listing “5 conservatives that supported gay marriage before Hillary Clinton.”

Indeed, it was libertarians, not liberals, that lead the way on gay marriage. Cato Vice President David Boaz explains in the Advocate:

Just seven years ago, in the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton all opposed gay marriage. The Libertarian Party endorsed gay rights with its first platform in 1972 — the same year the Democratic nominee for vice president referred to “queers” in a Chicago speech. In 1976 the Libertarian Party issued a pamphlet calling for an end to antigay laws and endorsing full marriage rights…

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The New Deal’s Legacy of Corporate Welfare

The Export-Import Bank’s charter finally expired on June 30th. Ever since it was created during the New Deal, the Ex-Im Bank has supported exports by American corporations, all at taxpayer expense.

The top recipients of Ex-Im Bank subsidies were big corporations, with the war-profiteers at Boeing receiving more Ex-Im largess than any other company.

The Ex-Im Bank wasn’t the only New Deal program to suffer a major defeat in June. On June 22nd, farmer Marvin Horne triumphed at the Supreme Court against one of the most comically cronyist New Deal relics around: the Raisin Administrative Committee.

The Raisin Administrative Committee claimed the power to take 47 percent of Marvin Horne’s raisins without compensation. Horne argued that this was an uncompensated taking of property and thus violated the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause. Eight Supreme Court justices agreed.

The Raisin Administrative Committee’s entire purpose is to protect entrenched business interests. As Cato’s Trevor Burrus explains, “The RAC is a group of 46 raisin growers and packers (and one “member of the public”)” that regularly meets to “decide how many raisins they must take off the market in order to keep the price of raisins artificially high.”

Mainstream progressives tell us that the New Deal was a victory for the working class and the public interest. But New Deal corporate welfare programs like the Ex-Im Bank and the Raisin Administrative Committee certainly don’t benefit the general public.

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Young Voices Podcast – How Can Libertarians Help Trans People?

The sixth Young Voices podcast features Meg Arnold and Daniel Pryor. Today’s discussion asks how libertarians can help trans people, on both an individual and policy level.

Don’t forget to visit the websites of the Transgender Housing Network, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Trans Lifeline, the Audre Lorde Project, Casa Ruby and Chicago House.