Marine Le Pen Is Bringing Trump’s Example to France – FEE

Le Pen’s National Front is living off the same media coverage advantages that Donald Trump profited off in the Republican primaries.

The French presidential election has been taking on speed in recent weeks: former Minister of the Economy Emmanuel Macron is running as an independent, Thatcher-admiring François Fillon won the Republican primary, former president Nicolas Sarkozy left French politics after losing his primary, and incumbent president François Hollande announced he will not stand for re-election in 2017 as Prime Minister Manuel Valls resigned in order to prepare his own presidential bid.

Meanwhile, France’s National Front is working hard to ensure that Marine Le Pen qualifies for the second round presidential vote in April 2017. Le Pen’s platform is that of hard-line protectionism: taxing imports and subsidizing the local economy, leaving the European Union, and bringing back the French Franc as a currency.

The National Front also suggests lowering the retirement age to 60, changing the election law to proportional representation (which would favor themselves), limitingimmigration to only 10,000 people a year, deporting not only illegal immigrants but also all foreigners who have committed a crime, and indicated that children of foreign criminals should not benefit from the education system. This policy of “national priority” paired with a hard-left economic policy is nothing short of actual national socialism. The far-right party has complained that unfair coverage by the “establishment” and “left-wing” media is undermining their efforts.

Sound familiar?

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