Trans Flag

Young Voices Podcast – How Can Libertarians Help Trans People?

The sixth Young Voices podcast features Meg Arnold and Daniel Pryor. Today’s discussion asks how libertarians can help trans people, on both an individual and policy level.

Don’t forget to visit the websites of the Transgender Housing Network, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Trans Lifeline, the Audre Lorde Project, Casa Ruby and Chicago House.

The Jury

Young Voices Podcast – Jury Nullification and Juror Activism

The fifth Young Voices podcast features Nathan Goodman and Daniel Pryor. Today’s topic is jury nullification and juror activism, with the discussion covering the usefulness of such activism and general issues with jury-related laws in the USA.

Read Nathan’s article on Queer Liberation and Jury Nullification here. Learn more about the Jury Health Project here, and take advantage of the Jury Power Information Kit here.

Drugs Pills

Young Voices Podcast – UK Psychoactive Substances Bill

The third Young Voices podcast features Daniel Pryor discussing the problems with the Psychoactive Substances Bill, as well as proposing a new direction for British drug policy.

Read Daniel’s CapX piece here, and a recent update on the bill’s progress here.

Washington Westminster

Young Voices Podcast – Washington and Westminster’s War on Young People

The second Young Voices podcast features Jared Meyer and Daniel Pryor discussing the problems that government creates for young people in the UK and the US, as well as ways to solve these problems.

Read Jared’s recent RealClearPolitics piece on the topic here, and Daniel’s blog post from a British perspective here.