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Welcome to our Fall Interns

Young Voices is excited to welcome onto our team for the Fall, Alex Gugliuzza and Ethan Pritchard. You can learn a bit about them here.

Ethan is a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Management from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. A Maryland native, he got his start as an auto mechanic and later at a sheet metal manufacturing plant working on machines. He serves as a public relations intern with Young Voices.  He enjoys skateboarding, wrenching and drinking Flying Dog and other craft beer.


Alex is a development intern with Young Voices. He is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration through his university’s combined BA/MPA program. He has interned on Capitol Hill, is the President of the Catholic Student Association, and is a supervisor at the AU Phonathon. Born and raised in New York City, Alex enjoys musical theater, improv and New York pizza.

Announcing Our Fall 2017 Campus Pundit Program

It’s no secret that free speech is under attack on college campuses.

From Berkeley to Middlebury, many students and administrators seem intent on abandoning the university’s historical role of expanding students’ perspectives to instead enforce a narrow, dogmatic worldview.

For freedom’s sake, this needs to change.

Young Voices is proud to announce the return of our Campus Pundit Program, rewarding current college students in the United States $100 for successfully publishing an op-ed defending free speech in their student newspaper.

Last year, we helped publish 18 op-eds in some of America’s most notable universities, including Clemson, Michigan, Swarthmore, UT-Austin, and William & Mary.

This year, we hope to more than double that number.

Together, we can tackle campus censorship.

Liz Wolfe of Young Voices joins The Glenn Beck Program (9.11.2017)

Yesterday Liz Wolfe, managing editor for Young Voices, joined The Glenn Beck Program live in Dallas, TX to talk about the problems posed by labeling hate groups as terror organizations. They also talked about millennials and the hope Glenn has for the younger generation. Check out the whole conversation and share it!