Podcast #104: Dan King & the Free Society Fellowship

The Free Society Fellowship is Young Voices response to Charlottesville and the tragedy that occurred there in August 2017. Our goal was to reinforce the message of our movement… in contrast to ethno-nationalism…the free society is cosmopolitan, embracing people of all backgrounds under the common umbrella of free speech, property rights, religious freedom, and the rule of law.

Dan King is a Young Voices Advocate and Free Society Fellow. We taped this conversation on Friday, March 31st to cap off his run in the program and get a sense for how he feels about the hurdles our democracy must clear going forward in order to survive.

Ep #104: Dan King & the Free Society Fellowship

Podcast episode #103: Alexander McCobin and “conscious capitalism”

Alexander McCobin is the CEO of Conscious Capitalism and he has a message for business owners and entrepreneurs of the world. As an alumnus of of Students For Liberty and Young Voices, McCobin has done the movement proud and is bringing the message to the masses.

Here is a conversation taped last week between McCobin and Young Voices spokesperson, Stephen Kent. They talk about the problem capitalism faces in 2018, where it has been and where it is going.

#103: Alexander McCobin and “conscious capitalism”

You can find out more about Conscious Capitalism and their mission at: https://www.consciouscapitalism.org/

And follow Alexander on Twitter at @AMcCobin 

Podcast #102: How to incentivize better policing

Being a cop is really tough. It’s also really risky. So how do we get the best possible policing and measured responses from a profession so high stress and life threatening?

Ruben Pacheco wrote in the Las Cruces Sun Times about bringing private insurance markets into the picture to cover officers like Geico covers you as a driver. This way the process of accountability becomes attached to the officer’s wallet, not the political process. It’s a revolutionary idea.

#102: How to incentivize better policing

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