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Is College a Sound “Real World” Investment?

With graduation lurking around the corner and exams finishing up, college students are ending yet another year and, in some cases, preparing to join the workforce. My own social media newsfeed is filled with angst about the “real world” and how to survive this tough transition.

On one hand, I empathize. Being an adult can be difficult, and most of us are making it up as we go. On the other hand, I’m confused about why college is seen as so detached from the real world, and why it’s worth the high price tag if that’s the case.

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Podcast #63: Young Voices Turns One ft. Stacy Ndlovu

This week Young Voices turns one year old! This crazy idea to create an organization that amplifies the voices of young people around the world who are championing liberty is going strong. Stacy Ndlovu, who has been with Young Voices for the past year is leaving to go back to Zimbabwe. She shares some of her insights on writing and editing she has learned in her time here and reflects of working with Young Voices advocates.

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Hobnobbing With Duterte And Other Tyrants Won’t Make America Great

President Trump recently had a “very friendly conversation” with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, and reportedly invited him to visit the White House. Such state visits are not uncommon, however, what makes this invitation stand out is the fact that Duterte is a certifiable lunatic who has been terrorizing his country for decades as a mayor of Davao City –– and now as the new president.

Ad nauseum during the US presidential campaign, Trump assured the American people that he would “make America great again.” America cannot be both great and strive to be a unipolar hegemon. America’s past and potential future greatness lies in our core values, values that must be cast off in the pursuit of global primacy. If Trump is serious about making America great, he will kick Duterte and other reprehensible American clients to the curb and no longer provide aid and US backing.

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Podcast #62: The Drug War Won’t End Anytime Soon

Today on the podcast, Stephen Kent and Lucy Steigerwald discuss the Office of Drug Control Policy and 2018 budget from the White House that shows a 95% cut to their budget. Is this cause for excitement if you want to see the drug war wound down? Lucy is reluctant to celebrate.

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