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Editor Casey Published in The Freeman on School Choice

Young Voices Editor Casey Given was published in The Freeman on the myths of school choice:

Today marks the first day of School Choice Week, a national effort to promote educational options such as private school vouchers. Although the first voucher program in the United States was introduced in 1869, it wasn’t until a century later that school choice started gaining mainstream traction, thanks to the efforts of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. In 1980, millions of Americans tuned in to watch Friedman make the case for choice while engaging in lively debate with opponents on his PBS television series Free to Choose.


A lot has changed in the 34 years since the program first aired. Today, 18 voucher programs in 12 states and the District of Columbia help expand the educational options of millions of disadvantaged schoolchildren. Despite this progress, many of the myths surrounding school choice raised by Dr. Friedman’s intellectual opponents still persist, hindering the growth of vouchers to the universal scale that the economist originally imagined.


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Advocate Matthew Published in Communities Digital News on Air Traffic Control

Advocate Matthew LaCorte was published in Communities Digital News about America’s outdated air traffic control system.

How do you lower ticket prices, decrease delays, increased safety, reduce congestion, benefit the environment, and increase exports? Simple: privatize air-traffic control.

The last twenty years have seen tremendous technological advances. Americans’ everyday lives have been drastically altered by the influx of innovation in medicine, transportation, communications, and more. Yet, these great leaps have oddly not penetrated America’s air traffic control towers. Today, planes in U.S. airspace are directed by the same system that was developed in the 1960s. It comes as little surprise that the U.S. has fallen behind other countries in safety, speed, fuel efficiency, and reliability of air travel. The American traveler would greatly benefit from entering the 21st century of aviation technology by depoliticizing the air-traffic control system.

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