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Advocate Nick Published in the PanAm Post on the Export-Import Bank

Advocate Nick Zaiac was published in The PanAmerican Post on the Export-Import Bank.

The effects of the Ex-Im Bank simply amount to a redistribution of risk and money from taxpayers to the well-connected companies that make use of the bank. Simply put, the bank should be terminated, and all outstanding loans wound down.

Given how often legislators are supposedly looking for low-hanging fruit to cut from the government, it’s shocking that such obvious waste has persisted as long as it has.

You can read the entire piece here.

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Advocate Nick Published in PanAm Post on Federal Aid

Advocate Nick Zaiac was published in The PanAmerican Post on federal aid to state and local governments.

The Whitehouse’s Office of Management and Budget recently released the latest federal budget proposal to the public. Overall spending is expected to rise notably, from US$3.46 trillion to $3.65 trillion.

As expected, it is full of unnecessary, wasteful spending. One of the worst offenders is the “aid” the federal government sends to states and localities to pay for hundreds of different programs, ranging from environmental remediation to health care. Such spending totals more than $607 billion for 2014, accounting for nearly 17 percent of all federal spending.

You can read the entire piece here.

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