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Nolan Gray on joins BOLD Business to talk zoning policy

Young Voices advocate and Director of Policy for the Center for Market Urbanism, Nolan Gray, joined Bold TV to talk about zoning and NIMBYism

Matt Larosiere: Las Vegas, the NRA and the politics of doing nothing – THE BLAZE TV

In the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Democratic leaders are under renewed pressure to crack down on the Second Amendment. But is that really what the majority of American people want? The statistics say otherwise. So why do the Democrats keep returning to the same talking points?

“There’s a great book … called ‘The Politics of Doing Nothing,’ and that’s exactly what this is all about,” said Matt Larosiere, Legal Analyst and Young Voices advocate, on today’s “Dana.” He added, “A lot of the Democrats are just demanding action. It looks great but they’re doing nothing

Watch the whole segment here

Podcast #85: Protect your right to privacy

Dan King covers issues surrounding the fourth amendment. Today he joined the Young Voices podcast to discuss long standing practices on the US border by Homeland Security, such as sweeping the phones and social media of people entering the country. In the wake of Las Vegas, there is renewed concern about monitoring potentially dangerous people. Dan explains why he is skeptical of the government ability to do this well.

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