Young Voices Podcast – Donald Trump Has No Respect For Property Rights

The latest Young Voices podcast features Patrick Holland and Daniel Pryor. Today they will be discussing Patrick’s recent Town Hall article, which criticises Donald Trump’s use of eminent domain, as well as exploring the wider context of Trump in the Republican presidential nomination race.

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Anti-corruption group’s ethics boards face ethical problems

Just eight months after it was created to eliminate corruption in local government, the Tallahassee Ethics Board seems to have ethics problems of its own.

At the end of its July meeting, board members quietly agreed to hire as their legal counsel the very same law firm that represents the city commission — which the board is supposed to police.

“It was all done behind closed doors,” Peter Butzin, chair of Common Cause Florida and until now one of the ethics board’s key supporters, told the Tallahassee Democrat. “We don’t even know who made the decision.”

Read the full article at Florida Watchdog, here.

Donald Trump has no Respect for Property Rights

Since his entrance into the crowded field for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump’s campaign has caught fire. He is polling above 20 percent, nearly double the support of his closest rival, Ben Carson, and energizing conservatives who believe his brash personality and business experience could transform Washington. Trump’s popularity among those on the right is understandable from a populist perspective, but lovers of free markets should beware “The Donald.”

Trump has a troubling relationship with property rights. He has consistently abused government power by using eminent domain to seize land for his own business endeavors, running roughshod over the rights of nearby residents and businesses.

Read Patrick Holland’s full article about Donald Trump and his abuse of eminent domain here.