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Trump’s Steel Boondoggle Harms Consumers

President Trump wants to impose tariffs on imported steel. Despite threats by the rest of the G-20 to enter into a transatlantic trade war in response, Trump remains undeterred, yet another reminder that Trump’s proposal represents a shortsighted handout for the domestic steel industry that will only end up harming the American economy. Rather than hiding behind specious national security arguments to justify protectionism, Trump should be up-front about what steel tariffs represent: another unnecessary tax on the American consumer.

The Trump administration’s main rationale for steel tariffs has been that the United States’s steel industry is too weak to provide raw materials for the American military.

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The Senate healthcare bill is the solution we’ve been waiting for

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., initially unveiled the Senate’s healthcare reform bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, conservatives inside and outside of Congress criticized the bill for maintaining Obamacare’s regulations that increase the cost of insurance and make coverage unaffordable for millions. However, the newest version of the bill removes many of these regulations and takes greater strides towards making health insurance less expensive.

The original version of the BCRA made few changes to Obamacare’s insurance rules. Under the plan, insurers would still be prohibited from charging healthy individuals lower premiums than sicker and more-expensive subscribers.

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Kris Kobach’s claims about immigration are based on false statistics

Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach recently wrote a guest commentary for The Kansas City Star defending his decision to make illegal immigration a major theme of his campaign. During his announcement in June, the current Kansas secretary of state stated that illegal immigration threatened the state’s budget, wages, and safety.

Unfortunately, despite his 20-year political push against illegal immigrants, most of what Kobach says is completely at odds with reality.

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The False Promises of Renewable Energy

At the G20 summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel rebukedPresident Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement earlier this year. Investment in renewable energy, however, will not reach the outcome proponents of the Paris Agreement hope for, such as reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact while, at the same time, providing reliable electrical generation. Renewable energy is touted as the way of the future by world leaders and news outlets, but these claims are often misleading. Headlines in California make it seem like most of the state’s energy is generated via renewables—but this excludes Los Angeles, California’s largest city by a long shot. Similarly, France and Germany have also made headlines on their progress. However, such statistics misguide readers. In fact, many articles talk about electric generation but exclude transportation and machine manufacturing needs—which are essentially all powered by gasoline and diesel.

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