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Advocate Sarah Published by on Iraq

Advocate Sarah Harvard was published in on US’s options in the ongoing turmoil in Iraq.

President Obama finds himself in yet another difficult situation where any move or strategic decision would result in faulty blowback or risk to Iraqi civilians, security forces and the United States. The White House and Iraqi intelligence are desperately scrambling to prevent ISIS from reaching and taking control of Baghdad. However, with the current security measures at play and the perilous risks involved, hope is dwindling for the future of Iraq.

You can find the article online here.

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Advocate Jared Published in RealClearPolicy on North American Oil Production

Advocate Jared Meyer was published in RealClearPolicy on how recent geopolitical crises in the Middle East highlight the need to facilitate better oil policy in the US.

Recent events in Iraq show the importance of North American oil to world markets. The technological innovations that spurred increased oil production reduce energy price volatility help the world’s economy to grow, and improve America’s international standing. Congress and President Obama should enhance this advantage by approving Keystone XL and speeding up energy permits.

You can find the whole piece online here.

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Advocate Matthew Published in New York Daily News on Amnesty

Advocate Matthew La Corte wrote a letter-to-the-editor that was published by the New York Daily News on the implication of Dave Brat’s surprising victory over Eric Cantor.

Woodland Park, N.J.: The political world has been abuzz since Eric Cantor’s stunning loss in Virginia’s 7th district (“Cantor KOd by Tea Party,” June 11). Pundits and political strategists immediately began assessing Dave Brat’s victory, looking to draw lessons from the epic upset.

Many pundits and even a Daily News article chalked it up to Cantor being soft on immigration reform and open to the possibility of amnesty. However, this theory does not hold water upon closer examination.

Public Policy Polling did a snap one-day poll of voters in the district on Tuesday. It asked about support for a bill that included a path to citizenship for immigrants and found 72% strongly or somewhat supported it and ony 23% opposed it.

Immigration played a part in this race, but support for amnesty was not the reason a no-name economics professor with a shoestring budget upset a major power player in the GOP.

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