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Immigration Fear Mongers Ignore History

If you are paying attention to US politics, it is hard to miss the ongoing immigration debate, long centered around the flow of illegal immigrants across the US-Mexico border.

This debate was recently reignited by Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments about Hispanic immigrants. “They have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us,” he declared during his campaign announcement. “They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists.”

The conclusion to this point was that the US government must build a wall across the southern border, and enact various other measures to stem the tide of illegal immigration. This statement provoked both agreement and disgust from across the political spectrum.

But these ideas are not new. Opponents of immigration have existed since the United States was first conceived. Each new generation of immigrants provoked the same predictions of doom and disaster, and the end of current inhabitants’ way of life.

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Erie consultant breaks the bad news: ‘The city is broke’

The city of Erie is in desperate times, and a consultant hired to map a positive future isn’t optimistic.

“The plan I am trying to write is a plan to get the city out of the hole it is in,” Charles Buki told

An urban architect — and miracle worker of sorts — Buki and his colleagues from the urban planning firm CZB are brought into cities with stressed finances and lackluster infrastructure. They’ve had big contracts with the Fannie Mae Foundation, the Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago, the Federal Reserve Bank, Bowling Green, Ohio, and Stockton, California, one of the first American cities to declare bankruptcy.

When asked about the priority of mitigating climate change, which was mentioned in the background analysis on the city written by another firm, Buki laughed.

“Climate change? Seriously? Absolutely not. The city is broke,” he said.

For a contract of more than $100,000, the city hired the firm in February to craft a 10-year comprehensive plan to address the vital issues it must address to stay afloat.

“There’s about a million pressing items of some urgency in Erie, as is the case in all such post industrial basket cases,” he said, mentioning Detroit, Buffalo and Cleveland, which have struggled to regain their former glory as urban powerhouses that attracted industry and jobs.

As in those cities, Erie has struggled with a diminished industrial base, lower population and a strained tax base.

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