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Editor Casey Given Interviewed by Zeb Bell on the Right to Try

Editor Casey Given has been interviewed by the Idaho radio host Zeb Bell about the Right to Try initiative for states to expand terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs.

You can hear the interview online here. Casey’s segment starts 1 hour 56 minutes in.

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Advocate Andrew Published in The Hill on PTSD

Advocate Andrew Gargano was published in The Hill on how further research into the medicinal effects of drugs like marijuana can help treat veterans suffering from post-tramatic stress disorder.

Federal and local governments must recognize the critical importance of allowing this research to be conducted more freely and they must guarantee that active duty soldiers and veterans are not denied treatments which have already proven to be successful.

If American officials really wish to honor the troops, then they must address the egregiously high rate of suicide prevalent in the military and offer promising solutions to ensure that those troops returning home in the coming years receive the treatment they deserve.

You can find the piece online here.

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Advocate Nick Published in PanAm Post on Zoning

Advocate Nick Zaiac was published in The PanAmerican Post on the U.S. federal government’s inefficient management of office space.

Affordable housing is something that many people find to be among the most important aspects of a city. The problem is affordable housing often runs contradictory to many other goals of urban planners and policymakers. As such, there has been a long-running challenge of balancing affordability with other issues, such as public amenities, economic growth, and neighborhood cohesion.

You can read the entire piece here.

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Advocate Matthew Published in Daily Caller on Social Security

Advocate Matthew La Corte was published in The Daily Caller on  concerns regardingSocial Security’s sustainability:

In this difficult economy, college grads are getting a raw deal for retirement savings after they receive their diploma. Social Security is a major feature of the American economy and needs desperate reform — even if it’s not politically convenient to do so. Let’s transition from government-sponsored retirement and enable young people to choose their plans and receive more in benefits than they could ever imagine with Social Security. It’s time to focus on the college graduates and not the Baby Boomers, regardless of who comes out to the voting booth.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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Editor Casey Published in The American Conservative on the Right to Try

Editor Casey Given was published in The American Conservative on a proposed bill to expand terminally ill patients’ access to investigational drugs.

Kianna Karnes was a 41-year-old mother of four children diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2002. Her doctors prescribed interleukin-2, the only medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the time to treat the disease, but it proved insufficient to stop the cancer’s spread. Kianna’s family petitioned the FDA to allow their mother to try an investigational new drug (IND) still stuck in the agency’s approval process. After all, she had nothing to lose. Despite gaining powerful allies including Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind.) and the Wall Street Journal editorial board, it was too late. The FDA approved Kianna’s IND request the very same day she died.

You can read the full piece here.

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