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Advocate Matthew Published in PJ Media on Privatization

Advocate Matthew La Corte was published in PJ Media about functions of the federal government that can be privatized.

“Privatization” is a buzzword in politics that conjures up both hope and despair. Instead of being repelled by potential market failure, opponents of privatization should examine the widespread government failure seen in the status quo.  Market failure is a possibility; current government failure is the reality. It’s critical to weigh potential market failure with potential government failure, not potential market failure with their intended desire for government success.

Privatization leads to lower state-owned debt, increases efficiency and effectiveness of services, and allows private investors to support innovative entrepreneurs. Anyone who’s been to the DMV will knows that private businesses serve customers more efficiently and kindly than government bureaus. The simply fact is that politically-motivated agencies are antiquated and unable to produce desirable results that citizens demand.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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