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Young Voices in the news 10/21 – 10/27

‘Full Expensing’ Must Remain a Priority for Tax Reform (Townhall) – Lili Carneglia

Bias Response Teams Thwarted in Their Goal of a Sensitive Campus by the First Amendment (Reason) – Liz Wolfe

Sam Dunkovich: Broadcaster cronyism restricts internet access to rural America (Madison) – Sam Dunkovich

Neo-Jacobins Demand Zero Tolerance, Or Else (American Conservative) – Zachary Yost

Access Is the New Ownership (FEE) – Deshani Gunathilake

Trump is right: Kill the Death Tax, once and for all (Washington Examiner) – Michael Schindler

The Tax Overhaul Proposed by the President and GOP Can Help Spur the Economy (Townhall) – Anil Niraula

Cleveland State Debates Free Speech Boundaries of Poster Promoting LGBTQ Suicide (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

The gay-cakes case could set a dangerous precedent (sp!ked) – Brad Polumbo

To Gerrymander Or Not To Gerrymander (The Daily Caller) – John Bianchi

Podcast Episode 77: Millennials Should Be Wary of Unions

Young Voices Advocate, Zachary Yost, calls in to the Young Voices Podcast to talk about millennials and unions. In response to a piece in the NYT calling for the younger generation to lead the labor movement, Yost wrote in the Examiner about the drawbacks of unionizing.


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Podcast #62: The Drug War Won’t End Anytime Soon

Today on the podcast, Stephen Kent and Lucy Steigerwald discuss the Office of Drug Control Policy and 2018 budget from the White House that shows a 95% cut to their budget. Is this cause for excitement if you want to see the drug war wound down? Lucy is reluctant to celebrate.

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