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Young Voices in the news (Jan 13th – Jan 21st)

War with North Korea Would Be Trump’s Worst Decision Yet (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Jerrod Laber & Lucy Steigerwald

Controversial remarks by President Trump over DACA debate (FOX 5) – Matt Larosiere

Liz Wolfe quoted in the Associated Press on #MeToo (AP) – Liz Wolfe

Why I won’t be joining the Women’s March (RARE) – Shannon Watkins

Not all men are Harvey Weinstein, but many are Aziz Ansari (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Ibis Valdes

Liz Wolfe talks #MeToo and gray area in 2018 sexual norms (FOX 5) – Liz Wolfe

Germany shows how shifting to renewable energy can backfire (THE HILL) – Josh Smith

Happy New Year, now let’s Audit the Pentagon (RARE) – Jake Grant

Letting Nazis Speak Is The Best Way To Defeat Their Ideas (FEDERALIST) – Julian Adorney

Azis Ansari and awful men in the media (BLOGGINGHEADS TV) – Liz Wolfe

Americans Should Learn From History Before Calling for Regime Change in Iran (GLENN BECK) – Zach Yost

Africa Should Think Twice About Accepting China’s Aid (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Ibrahim Anoba


Young Voices in the News 11/20 -12/1

‘Brave spaces’ are no answer to safe spaces (spiked) – Dan King

Why The Supreme Court Should Step Into This Gun Waiting Period Case (The Federalist) – Matthew Larosierre

Made in America with Neil Asbury, Millennials & tax reform (Radio America) – Hannah Bennett

Arkansas Universities Want to Be Able to Fire Professors Who Aren’t Collegial (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

How entitlement programs ruined our politics (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

Americans Deserve a 21st Century Tax Code (Real Clear Policy) – Stephen Lusk

Even in space, competition brings out the best (Colorado Politics) – Al Downs

Direct democracy is not the answer to our political problems (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

The Triumph of the Latin American Mall (CityLab) – Nolan Gray

Bradley Polumbo on the right to carry on campus (NRATV) – Bradley Polumbo

Individual Mandate Repeal Spells Doom for Tax Reform (Real Clear Policy) – Bradley Polumbo

Fake feminism and the men we admire (Washington Examiner) – Adriana Vazquez

Antifa Wants ‘Bleeding Heart Libertarian’ Professor Fired. We’re Not Exactly Sure Why (Reason) – Dan King

Not Content Punishing its Own Students, RPI Goes After a Visitor (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

Young Voices in the News 11/14 -11/19

Who Are We Burning Flags For? (Center for a Stateless Society) – Lucy Steigerwald

Americans, We Aren’t So Tough, and It Shows (American Conservative) – Zach Yost

Flirting With War in North Korea (Counter Punch) – Lucy Steigerwald

The #Resistance will soon have its very own anti-Trump hotel (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

It’s Time to Stop ‘Leaving Your Sword’ outside Church (National Review) – Matthew Larosiere

Taylor Swift is not an alt-right princess (Sp!ked) – Liz Wolfe and Lucy Steigerwald

The Pai FCC Should Be Commended for Media Ownership Reform (TownHall) – Pranjal Drall

Why Young Entrepreneurs Desperately Need Tax Reform (FEE) – Hannah J. Bennett