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Young Voices in the News (March 12th – March 16th)

Stricter Age Restrictions on Gun Purchases Don’t Make Sense (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Bradley Polumbo

Baltimore’s Failed Surveillance Regime (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

Liberty Won’t Be Achieved By Expanding This Big, Failed Government Program (GLENN BECK) – Cory Mass

The Trump Administration’s War on New Housing (CITYLAB) – Nolan Gray

Ky.’s Pension Crisis Isn’t Just a Funding Problem (LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER) – Nolan Gray

Let Insurance Market Regulate Police Conduct (LAS CRUCES SUN NEWS) – Ruben Pacheco

Nashville Could Be A National Example For Transit–If They Don’t Screw It Up (PLANETIZEN) – Ethan A. Greene

Let Nurse Practitioners Work (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard

& Ibis Valdes on the Cuban election for the Rob Schilling Show


Young Voices in the news (Feb 23rd – March 9th)



We Don’t Need Climate Planners to Be Our Population Planners (FEE) – Josh Smith

Cruelty toward immigrants is bipartisan (RARE) – Ruben Pacheco

Your Tattoos Are Problematic (REASON MAGAZINE) – Liz Wolfe

The Trump administration throws a lifeline to ObamaCare victims (THE HILL) – Charlie Katebi

War Powers: Return to Congress (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Michael Shindler

On “merit-based” immigration, Republicans love big government (RARE) – Brad Polumbo

If Concealed Carry Reciprocity Would Violates State’s Rights, So Does The Civil Rights Act (THE FEDERALIST) – Matthew Larosiere

Are ‘Defense Hawks’ and ‘Fiscal Conservatives’ at Odds? (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Jake Grant

Iceland Could Start a Worldwide Shift Away From Circumcision (SPLICE) – Sam Dunkovich

Kim Kardashian West highlights the beauty of markets (RARE) – Tirzah Duren

Trumponomics Challenges Mainstream Fiscal Paradigms (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Albert Gustafson

Young Voices in the news (Feb 14th-22nd)

To Cut the Deficit, End the Drug War (GLENN BECK) – Julian Adorney

At CPAC, conservatives should evaluate Trump honestly (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Brad Polumbo

Proposed SNAP Reform Is a Disaster for Conservative Values (TOWNHALL) – Lili Carneglia

The mass shooting cycle continues: More solutions to problems we don’t have (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Matthew Larosiere

Campus Activists Reveal Their Anti-Speech Strategy Is To Wear Decent People Out (FEDERALIST) – Zachary Yost

Minimum-wage hikes hurt Colorado’s poorest residents (COLORADO POLITICS) – Julian Adorney & Liz Wolfe

Kim Jong-un’s Charm Offensive Won’t Last (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – John Dale Grover

Net Neutrality Would Make the Internet More Expensive (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Julian Adorney

Matt Larosiere on Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler

Will Nardi on Fox 5 for CPAC

Matt Larosiere on the Parkland Shooting after the Town Hall – FOX 5

Alex Muresianu on how millennials can buy into conservatism – GLENN BECK