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In ISIS’ shadow, LGBT kurds take a stand – HUFFPOST

Barring a few exceptions, the outlook for LGBT individuals in the Middle East can be bleak, or even outright deadly.

The Kurds stand apart from their fellow Muslim-majority neighbors because of their progress on women’s equality — boasting the only all-female units taking on ISIS — but are there signs that the Kurdish areas could someday be a relative sanctuary for LGBT people?

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Advocate Sarah Published by on Iraq

Advocate Sarah Harvard was published in on US’s options in the ongoing turmoil in Iraq.

President Obama finds himself in yet another difficult situation where any move or strategic decision would result in faulty blowback or risk to Iraqi civilians, security forces and the United States. The White House and Iraqi intelligence are desperately scrambling to prevent ISIS from reaching and taking control of Baghdad. However, with the current security measures at play and the perilous risks involved, hope is dwindling for the future of Iraq.

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