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Is Soros Funding An Agitprop Protest Movement to Destabilize Poland’s New Democratically Elected Government?

As I have written about at length in these pages; on October 25th the Polish people decisively elected a new government delivering the largest popular mandate in modern Polish history (the post-1989 period) to the right of center Law & Justice party (PiS- Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc). 

This election was a stunning rebuke of the last ruling party, Civic Platform (PO- Platforma Obywatelska), which was founded by the current head of the European Council Donald Tusk, and their junior coalition partner PSL (the Marxist farmers party).

This ejection from power was galvanized by the widespread acceptance of their brazen years of corruption as well as their loudly telegraphed desire for deeper European Union (EU) integration, which was wholly unappealing to the mass of Poles on the ground. The debate reached fever pitch ahead of the parliamentary elections over the migrant crisis and the Brussels mandated migrant quotas being foisted on sovereign nations. Poles overwhelmingly rejected this at the ballot box.

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What Is Going On In Poland?

At the end of October a new Polish government was ushered in having won a mandate to govern unilaterally without coalition partners for the first time in the post-1989 modern era. The election was won definitively by the former opposition, the right-of-center Law and Justice Party (PiS- “Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc”). This election served as a referendum on the corruption of the previous government (and its antecedents) and on 25 years of “post-communism” which saw a transition from Iron Curtain methodologies and governance structures that were never fully reformed and where functional contemporary democratic norms were not deeply enough embedded to serve the people.

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Poland Is Now One Of The Best Nations In Which To Be Jewish

Despite the Western narrative that suggests Polish anti-Semitism is rampant, Poland is one of the best – if not the best – nations in Europe in which to be Jewish today.

There certainly have been ugly moments in Poland’s history – much as there have been throughout the world.  We need only reflect on twentieth century history to see the scale of them. But, in fact, the Jewish community thrived in Poland for 1000 years because, up to becoming imperialised by far more latent anti-Semitic empires, institutionally and societally Poland was well-structured to be pluralist and was known as a welcoming country.

When looking at contemporary Europe – as now currently dominated by the European Union (EU) leviathan – the most obvious point of distinction as to why being Jewish in Poland is a delight versus say, in France or in Belgium, is that Poland is filled with Poles who have successfully co-existed with Jews for centuries in a commonwealth of openness. This is as opposed to most other EU nations, especially from Germany westward, that have welcomed into their borders a culturally suicidal mass migration of Muslims from third world, theocratic states whose foundational tenet is anti-Semitism.

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