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Young Voices in the news 10/14-10/20


The effort to ban ‘bump stocks’ is misinformed at best, dishonest at worst (Washington Examiner) – Matthew Larosiere

Johnson must support America’s Dreamers (WisPolitics) – Sam Dunkovich

Jumping on the anti-GMO bandwagon hits the poor the hardest  (CapX) – Tirzah Duren

Wisconsin Strikes Historic Cronyist Deal With Foxconn (RealClearPolicy) – Stephen Lusk

Not Even Lincoln Is Spared the Wrath of the Statue Topplers (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

Indiana Court: You can have sex with teens, just don’t trade pictures ( – Dan King

Experts are usually right, but it’s okay to be skeptical on big policy questions (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

The Triumph of Marine Le Pen (American Conservative) – Bill Wirtz

Is Facebook ahead of Twitter when it comes to free speech? (Doc Thompson Show) – Liz Wolfe

Corbyn doesn’t get the gig economy (CapX) – Ryan Khurana

Huge Win for Privacy: Court Bans Use of This Crazy Spy Tool Without a Warrant ( – Dan King

Liz Wolfe of Young Voices joins Fox 5 DC to discuss sex work policy (The Final 5) – Liz Wolfe

Nolan Gray breaks down big city zoning policy (Bold TV) – Nolan Gray

Happy Free Speech Week from Young Voices

Young Voices is proud to be an official sponsor of Free Speech Week, an annual celebration of the precious protections of the First Amendment to express ourselves and petition our government without fear of retaliation… or, at least in theory.

As you well know, free speech in the United States is under attack perhaps now more than ever before. With college administrators and illiberal students disinviting and disrupting invited speakers, it’s important to make the moral case for free expression.

Young Voices is doing just that with our Campus Pundit Program, rewarding college students for successfully publishing op-eds in their student newspaper defending free speech. So far this fall, we’ve helped eight students edit and place articles, leading to successful publications at notable schools such as Duke and Harvard.

We’re also pairing up with Flying Dog this Sunday to raise a toast to free speech at their brewery in Frederick, Maryland. Our DC-based staff and writers have an action-packed afternoon planned of learning, networking, and — of course — good beer. Best of all, $1 of every beer purchased will be donated to Young Voices. We hope you can join us!

DATE: Sunday, October 22nd
TIME: 3-6 PM
LOCATION: Flying Dog Brewery, 4607 Wedgewood Blvd, Frederick, MD 21703

3 PM — Learn the nuts and bolts of opinion writing from Executive Director Casey Given’s presentation “The Art of the Op-ed”
4 PM — Watch a live recording of “The Young Voices Podcast,” where host Stephen Kent will talk with Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso about the importance of free speech and standing up to censorship
5 PM — Raise a glass to liberty in the tasting room


Young Voices in the news 10/04 – 10/13

Governments are cracking down on Uber because they don’t understand it (Rare) – Ryan Khurana

How One Kansas Community Said ‘No’ to Corporate Welfare (RealClearPolicy) – Erica York

Does America need more protection from immigrants, or the ever-growing surveillance state? (Rare) – Cory Massimino

How The Minimum Wage Entrenches Inequality And Economic Privilege (Federalist) – Julian Adorney

Why more mass shootings aren’t called acts of terrorism (Rare) – Hannah Bennett

Is There Hope for Reasonable Drug Legislation in France? (FEE) – Bill Wirtz

Most Americans Have No Idea How Genetic Technology Works ( – Jordan Reimschisel

The Time to Cut Spending is Now (TownHall) – Jake Grant

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg beats Twitter when it comes to free speech (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

Johnson must support America’s Dreamers (WisPolitics) – Sam Dunkovich

America wins by fighting for Dreamers, but we can’t stop there (Rare) – Adriana Vazquez