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Young Voices in the News (May 1-11)

Time to Reverse Course: America is Being Corrupted by its own Power (GLENN BECK) – Zachary Yost

Bernie Sanders’ Make Work Guarantee (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Michael Shindler

Understanding Why Immigrants are so Crucial to America’s Economic Growth (FEE) – Julian Adorney

Without Reform, Dedicated Funding Won’t Save D.C. Metro (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Anil Niraula

Starbucks is the Latest Victim of Pseudoscience (FEE) –  Tirzah Duren

Gina Haspel and Rudy Giuliani drama (FOX 5 DC) – Matthew Larosiere

Kanye West and the collision of politics and celebrity (CIRCA TV) – Kat Murti

The latest with Gina Haspel and her troubled nomination (FOX 5 DC) – Dan King

Rudy Giuliani’s crazy weekend and Hillary on socialism (FOX BUSINESS) – Stephen Kent

Trump and the Nobel Peace Prize conundrum (FOX 5 DC) – John Dale Grover



Applications Now Open for Young Voices’ Advocate Program

I am excited to announce that applications to Young Voices’ Advocate Program for 2018 are now open. We will be considering candidates to add to our roster of pro-liberty writers under 30 from today until July 31st.

The Advocate Program is Young Voices’ premier project, providing op-ed editing and media placement services to talented young people knowledgeable in the classical liberal tradition. Our staff works as each Advocate’s personal communications team, editing and pitching their work for publication as well as TV/radio opportunities. Since 2013, our Advocates have been featured in many notable outlets including The Daily Beast, Fox Business, The Guardian, Newsweek, SiriusXMand USA Today.

If you are a young professional looking to develop an expertise in policy and build your brand as a writer, I encourage you to apply today!

Young Voices in the news (April 21-30)

Sanctuary ban ignores ICE history (THE GAZETTE) – Sam Peak

Where the YIMBYs Can Win (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

Let’s try work requirements for college financial aid (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Brad Polumbo

New NSA Director Could Turn Out to be a Reformer (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Dan King

Telling Dreamers to ‘get in line’ misses the mark  (DESERET NEWS) – Josh Smith

‘Common-sense gun control’ isn’t so simple (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Lindsay Marchello

Opening The Door Of Infrastructure With This Hidden Key (DAILY CALLER) – Alex Muriseanu

Government wants to regulate GMO’s (REAL CLEAR SCIENCE) – Tirzah Duren

Congress is as broken as it’s budget (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jake Grant

Liberals aren’t successful at campus indoctrination (KIRBY WILBUR SHOW) – Brad Polumbo

North Korea & White House Correspondents Dinner drama (ON THE HILL) – Stephen Kent

MoviePass changes strategy ahead of summer blockbusters (WUSA 9) – Stephen Kent

The Macron-Trump bromance is on full display in DC (FOX 5 DC) – Bill Wirtz

Immigration and assimilation is possible (CIRCA TV) – Ryan Khurana

Congress needs to act on DACA (FOX 5 DC) – Will Nardi

Sometimes peace is on the horizon (FOX 5 DC) – Michael Shindler