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Young Voices in the news this week (Aug 5-Aug 11)

To Boost Income Mobility, Reform Our Bail System (The Federalist) – Julian Adorney
The Kurdish Economy Is Rebounding After Three Years Of Instability  (Forbes Middle East) – Zach Huff
Trump’s Attack on Voter Privacy (American Conservative) – Lili Carneglia
Put Seized Assets into Public Defense (CounterPunch) – Dylan Moore
Is Disney’s break from Netflix a bug or feature of capitalism? (Washington Examiner) – Stephen Kent
British Government, Businesses to Partner in Overzealous Crowd Control (CounterPunch) – Dan King
Want to Save Species? Fix the Endangered Species Act (RealClearPolicy) – Josh Smith
Ahead of the Trend: Do Millennials Want Authoritative Rule (Examiner TV) – Jerrod Laber
A Campus Sexual Assault Proceeding Gets Political and a Student Sues (Reason) – Liz Wolfe
Be Wary of Free Speech Bills That Suppress Speech When They Claim to Do The Opposite (TownHall) – Chris Machold
The Top 20 Percent Are the Real “Hoarders” of Wealth (American Conservative) – Amelia Irvine
Support immigrants to put Georgia first (SavannahNow) – Noah Weinrich

Applications are exploding for Young Voices’ fall Advocate Program

With one month left, Young Voices has already received 56 applications from talented Millennial libertarian writers looking to join our ranks. This has so far exceeded our goals that we’ve started reviewing applications early.

So, if you know a prospective Young Voices Advocate (or are one yourself), please tell them to apply ASAP! Early applications will be given preference given the high demand. The deadline is September 8th.

Young Voices is Changing How We Do Applications

Throughout our four-year history, Young Voices has accepted applicants to our Advocate Program on a rolling basis. While this has provided us with a steady pipeline of new talent, we want to make sure that each one of our writers is given the special attention needed to succeed as a rockstar communicator for liberty.

That’s why, moving forward, Young Voices will only be accepting new Advocates on a biannual basis. So, if you know a writer under 30 looking to jumpstart his or her career in liberty, please pass along this unique opportunity.

Applications for Young Voices’ fall 2017 Advocate class are now open for a limited time. Prospective Advocates should apply before September 8 for the chance to join the liberty movement’s premier collection of rising thought leaders.