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Young Voices in the news (April 21-30)

Sanctuary ban ignores ICE history (THE GAZETTE) – Sam Peak

Where the YIMBYs Can Win (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

Let’s try work requirements for college financial aid (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Brad Polumbo

New NSA Director Could Turn Out to be a Reformer (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Dan King

Telling Dreamers to ‘get in line’ misses the mark  (DESERET NEWS) – Josh Smith

‘Common-sense gun control’ isn’t so simple (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Lindsay Marchello

Opening The Door Of Infrastructure With This Hidden Key (DAILY CALLER) – Alex Muriseanu

Government wants to regulate GMO’s (REAL CLEAR SCIENCE) – Tirzah Duren

Congress is as broken as it’s budget (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jake Grant

Liberals aren’t successful at campus indoctrination (KIRBY WILBUR SHOW) – Brad Polumbo

North Korea & White House Correspondents Dinner drama (ON THE HILL) – Stephen Kent

MoviePass changes strategy ahead of summer blockbusters (WUSA 9) – Stephen Kent

The Macron-Trump bromance is on full display in DC (FOX 5 DC) – Bill Wirtz

Immigration and assimilation is possible (CIRCA TV) – Ryan Khurana

Congress needs to act on DACA (FOX 5 DC) – Will Nardi

Sometimes peace is on the horizon (FOX 5 DC) – Michael Shindler

Young Voices in the news (April 13 – 20)

Government wants to regulate GMO’s (REALCLEARSCIENCE) – Tirzah Duren

Trump should follow instincts and leave Syria (REALCLEARDEFENSE) – Jerrod Laber

Liberal Indoctrination on Campus Isn’t Working (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Brad Polumbo

Do prisoners have a right to porn? (PLAYBOY) – Liz Wolfe

The problem of asking what has conservatism conserved (GLENN BECK) – Alex Muresianu

The free speech crisis isn’t overblown according to Ed Department (DAILY CALLER) – Shannon Watkins

Don’t Discuss Race & IQ Before Discussing the Social Construction of Race (TRUTH-OUT) – Deshani Gunathilake

College Republicans in trouble for ICE poster (REASON) – Liz Wolfe

Facebook Knows User Needs Better Than Congress (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Ryan Khurana

On TV & Radio (Friday, April 20th)

The case for police carrying liability insurance (CJ Evolution podcast) – Ruben Pacheco


Announcing the Young Voices Award Finalists

Last month, I announced a partnership with the Reason Foundation recognizing young writers for excellence in advancing libertarian principles, the Young Voices Award. Today, I am thrilled to announce the three finalists, who will be speaking at FreedomFest leading up to the award ceremony at the 2018 Reason Media Awards on Saturday, July 14th.

Nick Sibilla, Institute for Justice: Nick is a writer and legislative analyst for the Institute for Justice, where he frequently covers civil forfeiture, occupational licensing, and other government schemes that violate individual rights. His writings have appeared in many high-profile outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, the New York Post, Barron’s, The Guardian, Slate, Wired, Reason, and numerous newspapers nationwide. >Check out Nick’s archives at

Brittany Hunter, Foundation for Economic Education: Brittany is an associate editor at the Foundation for Economic Education. Brittany often takes a millennial approach to her writing, hoping to show her peers how much they rely on free market marvels, like the sharing economy, in their daily lives. Previous to FEE, Brittany was a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, where she made frequent speaking appearances about millennials’ attitudes towards capitalism. >Check out Brittany’s archives at

Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism: Nolan is the policy director for the Center for Market Urbanism and a grad student pursuing a Master’s in City and Regional Planning at Rutger’s University. His work has appears frequently in CityLab, a division of The Atlantic, as well as >Check out Nolan’s archives at CityLab

I look forward to seeing Nick, Brittany, and Nolan in Las Vegas and hearing their perspectives about the future of libertarian journalism.