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Welcome to our Fall Interns

Young Voices is excited to welcome onto our team for the Fall, Alex Gugliuzza and Ethan Pritchard. You can learn a bit about them here.

Ethan is a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Management from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. A Maryland native, he got his start as an auto mechanic and later at a sheet metal manufacturing plant working on machines. He serves as a public relations intern with Young Voices.  He enjoys skateboarding, wrenching and drinking Flying Dog and other craft beer.


Alex is a development intern with Young Voices. He is pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration through his university’s combined BA/MPA program. He has interned on Capitol Hill, is the President of the Catholic Student Association, and is a supervisor at the AU Phonathon. Born and raised in New York City, Alex enjoys musical theater, improv and New York pizza.

Young Voices in the news 9/10-9/21

Lawmakers, Let Automakers Innovate (RealClearPolicy) – Dan King & Andrew Wilford

Gun Control Lobby Eviscerates College Carry Law (American Conservative) – Matthew Larosiere

The EU’s Regulatory War on Google Is an Attack on Innovation (FEE) – Amelia Irvine

Automation Will Create More Fulfilling Work (FEE) – Don Lim

How About a Little Free Speech Protection for Unprotected Adjunct Professors? (Reason) – Liz Wolfe

Everyone is missing something in the energy grid study (RealClearEnergy) – Josh Smith

Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton? (American Conservative) – Jerrod Laber

A Censorious Sign of the Times (Spiked) – Dan King

Young Voices on the Glenn Beck Program (Glenn Beck) – Liz Wolfe

Young Voices in the news this week (9/2 – 9/8)

Public Funding for Private Stadiums Is Bad Policy (RealClearSports) – Josh Smith

Threats to the 2nd Amendment (TheBlaze TV)  – Matthew Larosiere

Questioning College Rape Epidemic Could Get You Fired (Reason) – Liz Wolfe

Houston’s Zoning Wasn’t the Problem. (It Might Be Even Be Part of the Solution (CityLab) – Nolan Gray

No, the Trump White House is not trying to hide a report on sexual assault and rape (Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

Why does the New York Times think women had better sex under socialism? (Examiner) – Amelia Irvine

Creating Attractive Schools And Allowing Choice Integrates Without Force (Federalist) – Katie Modesitt

What French Ministers Suing a Media Agency Says About Europe’s Idea of Press Freedom (FEE) – Bill Wirtz

Sorry, Jeff Sessions, But We’re Just Not Experiencing A Violent Crime Wave (Federalist) – Jonathan Haggerty

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Deter Innovation (RealClearEnergy) – Josh Smith

Years After Recession, Labor Challenges Remain (RealClearPolicy) – Anil Niraula