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Young Voices in the news (June 8th – June 15th)


Why The Masterpiece Ruling Is A Loss For Both Sides, And All Americans (THE FEDERALIST)- Rachel Tripp

You Should Be Able to Live on a Dead Golf Course (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

Don’t buy the Pentagon’s statements on Afghanistan (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE)- Jerrod A. Laber

Why Aren’t College Students Learning Anything? (NATIONAL REVIEW)- Bradley Polumbo

Imposed Tariffs Will Hardly Help American Workers and Consumers Going Forward (TOWNHALL)- Anil Niraula

The 3 Ways Diplomacy With North Korea Could End—and War is Still One of Them (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE)- John Dale Grover

New Study Suggests College Rape Prevention Programs Don’t Work (REASON)- Liz Wolfe

I’m gay, but I’ll pass on Pride Month (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)- Bradley Polumbo


Young Voices in the news (May 19 – June 8)


Any Resistance Worth Its Name Must Fight Trump’s Militarism (ANTI WAR) – Cory Massimino

Mass confiscation of ‘assault weapons’ isn’t going to happen (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Matthew Larosiere

Down Goes the Farm Bill (TOWNHALL) – Jake Grant

Reform Conservatism and Reaganomics: A middle road? (GLENN BECK) – Alex Muresianu

Amazon + Facial Recognition + Police = What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (WEEKLY STANDARD) – Dan King

College is still important (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Hannah Bennett

To Reduce Income Inequality, Privatize Social Security (THE FEDERALIST) – Alex Muresianu

Tariffs Hurt Trump’s Supporters Especially (FEE) – John Kristof

Trump blocking you is not a free speech issue (SPIKED) – Lindsay Marchello

How environmentalists shaped Republican immigration policy (GLENN BECK) – Sam Peak

Why Publix Shouldn’t Have Tried To Pander To Gun Control Protesters (THE FEDERALIST) – Matthew Larosiere

The Fight over DACA Makes Home Hostile for Young Immigrants (TOWNHALL) – John Kristof

You Should Be Able to Live on a Dead Golf Course (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

The ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ ruling is actually a win for LGBT rights (GLENN BECK) – Brad Polumbo

FIRST STEP Prison Reform Bill Should Be a No-Brainer (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard


Introducing Young Voices’ Summer Interns

Young Voices is excited to welcome our summer interns! For nine weeks, these three young professionals will be assisting our staff from our Washington, DC office, working to take our Advocate Program to new heights. Learn more about each of them below.

Bradley Polumbo is a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst studying economics and political science. On campus, Bradley is involved with free-speech advocacy and Second Amendment issues. He is a former editor and columnist for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the largest daily student newspaper in New England. His work has landed him in National ReviewFox News and on the Kirby Wilbur Radio Show. Bradley will be working with Young Voices’ Managing Editor Liz Wolfe this summer, editing articles and prospecting for publications to expand our organization’s media reach.

Scott Bledsoe grew up in Roanoke, Virginia and graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2017 with a double major in American studies and political science. He currently attends American University in Washington, DC, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in political communication. Prior to joining Young Voices Scott was a communications intern for the Democratic National Committee. He will be working with Public Relations Manager Stephen Kent this summer, managing Young Voices’ social media accounts and expanding our organization’s outreach to TV and radio outlets.


 David Doerr is a senior at Hillsdale College pursuing a double major in political science and history. He hails from Bad Axe, Michigan and is the oldest to ten children. He will be working with Executive Director Casey Given this summer, researching prospective supporters, editing grants, and producing promotional materials related to Young Voices’ programs.