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Young Voices in the news 10/04 – 10/13

Governments are cracking down on Uber because they don’t understand it (Rare) – Ryan Khurana

How One Kansas Community Said ‘No’ to Corporate Welfare (RealClearPolicy) – Erica York

Does America need more protection from immigrants, or the ever-growing surveillance state? (Rare) – Cory Massimino

How The Minimum Wage Entrenches Inequality And Economic Privilege (Federalist) – Julian Adorney

Why more mass shootings aren’t called acts of terrorism (Rare) – Hannah Bennett

Is There Hope for Reasonable Drug Legislation in France? (FEE) – Bill Wirtz

Most Americans Have No Idea How Genetic Technology Works ( – Jordan Reimschisel

The Time to Cut Spending is Now (TownHall) – Jake Grant

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg beats Twitter when it comes to free speech (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

Johnson must support America’s Dreamers (WisPolitics) – Sam Dunkovich

America wins by fighting for Dreamers, but we can’t stop there (Rare) – Adriana Vazquez

Young Voices in the news 9/29 – 10/06

The Costly Incentive of Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Bill  (RealClearPolicy) – Jack Hipkins

London’s Uber Ban Shines Light on the Sorry State of the Rule of Law (FEE) – Martin van Staden

U. of Colorado Says No Thanks to Betsy DeVos and Her Tougher Sexual Assault Investigation Standards (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

Sorry Hillary Clinton, a suppressor would not have helped Stephen Paddock hurt more people in Las Vegas (Washington Examiner) – Matthew Larosiere

The Las Vegas massacre is blurring the line between terrorism and terrifying (Washington Examiner) – Matthew Larosiere

Most Americans Have No Idea How Genetic Technology Works – It’s About to Change Everything ( – Jordan Reimschisel

Is There Hope for Reasonable Drug Legislation in France? (FEE) – Bill Wirtz

Democrats demand action on guns but do nothing (The Blaze TV) – Matthew Larosiere

Las Vegas Shootings, Puerto Rico & Catalonian Independence (The Square Circle) – Charlie Katebi

Young Voices in the news 9/22 – 9/28

Rethinking the Entrepreneurial Economics of Drug Dealing (Playboy) – Julian Adorney & Liz Wolfe

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’ Bill is a Fiscal Fantasy (Washington Examiner) – Charlie Katebi

Jerrod Laber on Political Polarization & Dating (FOX 5 DC) – Jerrod Laber

To Commemorate Constitution Day, Princeton Professor Says ‘F%*# Free Speech’ (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

The Juggalos’ Fight For Freedom (Spiked) – Lucy Steigerwald

Charlie Katebi Dishes on the Senate Graham-Cassidy bill (FOX 5 DC) – Charlie Katebi

Why Macron Won’t Get France Working (CapX) – Ferghane Azihari

 Sanctions Do Nothing to Impede North Korea (Townhall) – Tirzah Duren

Matt Larosiere Talks HB 280 with Dana Loesch (THE BLAZE TV) – Matt Larosiere

Op-ed: Dreamers Need a Legal Path to Citizenship (Deseret News) – Josh Smith

Surprise! The Cultural-Left Has a Messaging Problem (Washington Examiner) – Stephen Kent

Sanctioning China to Go After North Korea is a Very Bad Idea (American Conservative) – Michael Shindler

DACA and the Future of Conservatism (CounterPunch) – Camilo Gomez