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Young Voices in the news (July 13- July 20)


How Expanding Medicaid To Able-Bodied Adults Is Stripping Care For Disabled People (THE FEDERALIST) – Charlie Katebi

OPINION: The Hub: How a co-working space could transform Staunton (DAILY PROGRESS) – Martha Ekdahl

On Education, Trump Needs More Aristotle and Less Betsy DeVos (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Michael Shindler

Your Vote Doesn’t Matter (ARC DIGITAL) – Julian Adorney

KU caved over American flag artwork, and free speech is the victim (KANSAS CITY STAR) – Matt Liles

Why Do Young People Care So Much about Income Inequality? (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Bradley Polumbo

The Dickensian Return of Debtors’ Prisons (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

Saudi Arabia’s mega-city project is doomed to failure (CAPX) – Jerrod Laber


Nolan Gray Wins Young Voices Award

Last weekend, Young Voices teamed up with the Reason Foundation to recognize an excellent libertarian writer under 30 at FreedomFest in Las Vegas. I’m happy to announce that the first winner of the Young Voices Award is Nolan Gray. Nolan joined Young Voices is April 2017 as a graduate student studying city planning at Rutger’s University. Young Voices worked with Nolan to tailor his writings on market urbanism to mainstream outlets, getting him published in CityLab, a division of The Atlantic. Thanks in part to our help, Nolan’s profile quickly rose as one of the rising stars in his field. Just this month, he announced his new job as a planner for the City of New York. Nolan stands as Young Voices’ strongest example of how our media mentorship can lead to potential real-life policy consequences. Congratulations!

If you know a talented young writer like Nolan, please encourage him or her to apply to Young Voices. But don’t wait — the deadline is July 31st! 

Young Voices in the news (June 29-July 6)


Competition Is Launching a New Golden Age of Space Travel (FEE)- Jack Hipkins

The War on Drugs Has Failed. It’s Time to Rethink Our Prison System (FEE)- Jake Grant

‘Liberty’ University? When It Comes to Free Speech, It’s Anything But (THE DAILY BEAST)- Bradley Polumbo

Worry about the national debt, not the trade deficit (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)- Amelia Irvine

We Need A Dramatic Rethinking Of U.S. Foreign Policy (ARC DIGITAL)- Jerrod Laber

Could This US Commonwealth Become a Real-World Wakanda? (FEE)- Ryan Khurana

The Complex Relationship Between Socialists and Immigration (COUNTER PUNCH)- Camilo Gómez