National politics often dominates the conversation on college campuses across the United States. But, there’s so much more going on locally that deserves students’ attention. From speech-stifling administrators to spendthrift student governments, America’s college campuses need a watchdog to preserve sanity on campus.

Young Voices’ Campus Pundit Program rewards student activists for doing the investigative work that is so desperately needed. Any current undergraduate or graduate student in the United States can submit an article to Young Voices to undergo our rigorous editing process. Young Voices then provides the mentoring needed to help get the finished piece published in a campus or local newspaper. If picked up, Young Voices will reward the student journalist with $50 for their efforts.

If you are a current student interested in applying, please:

  1. Write an op-ed (600-800 words) on any issue related to state, city, and campus politics from a pro-liberty perspective. Check out Young Voices’ how-to presentation on op-ed writing for more info.
  2. Email the draft of your op-ed to [email protected] in Microsoft Word format. Include in your email the name of your university, your major and graduation year, and the name of the student or local publication you wish to pitch your piece to. Young Voices will respond with edits within two business days.
  3. Work with Young Voices staffers to strengthen your piece, copyedit for grammar, syntax, and structure. A typical op-ed requires 1-3 round of edits before publication.
  4. Pitch your op-ed to your student newspaper or a local publication. If accepted and published, Young Voices will reward you with a commission of $50 (limit of one application per person).

Terms and conditions apply. Young Voices is happy to answer any questions about the program at [email protected].

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