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Young Voices in the news 9/22 – 9/28

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Jerrod Laber on Political Polarization & Dating (FOX 5 DC) – Jerrod Laber

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The Juggalos’ Fight For Freedom (Spiked) – Lucy Steigerwald

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Why Macron Won’t Get France Working (CapX) – Ferghane Azihari

 Sanctions Do Nothing to Impede North Korea (Townhall) – Tirzah Duren

Matt Larosiere Talks HB 280 with Dana Loesch (THE BLAZE TV) – Matt Larosiere

Op-ed: Dreamers Need a Legal Path to Citizenship (Deseret News) – Josh Smith

Surprise! The Cultural-Left Has a Messaging Problem (Washington Examiner) – Stephen Kent

Sanctioning China to Go After North Korea is a Very Bad Idea (American Conservative) – Michael Shindler

DACA and the Future of Conservatism (CounterPunch) – Camilo Gomez

Podcast #84: Juggalos Fight For Freedom in DC

Lucy Steigerwald is an editor for Young Voices and also a witness to the strangest march on Washington in recent memory. Earlier this month, three thousand people who call themselves Juggalo’s descended on DC to march, protest and listen to music in spite of the FBI labeling them a gang. Lucy joins the podcast today to tell about what she saw, explain the free speech debate around the event and also chatter about recent happenings with Young Voices Advocates.

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Podcast #83: Sanctions on China won’t help

Michael Shindler made the case against sanctions in The American Conservative this past week, and joined Stephen on the Young Voices podcast to explain. He argues that sanctioning powerhouse countries like China hasn’t worked in the past and undermines our other efforts to curb North Korean aggression.

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