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Young Voices in the news (May 19 – June 8)


Any Resistance Worth Its Name Must Fight Trump’s Militarism (ANTI WAR) – Cory Massimino

Mass confiscation of ‘assault weapons’ isn’t going to happen (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Matthew Larosiere

Down Goes the Farm Bill (TOWNHALL) – Jake Grant

Reform Conservatism and Reaganomics: A middle road? (GLENN BECK) – Alex Muresianu

Amazon + Facial Recognition + Police = What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (WEEKLY STANDARD) – Dan King

College is still important (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Hannah Bennett

To Reduce Income Inequality, Privatize Social Security (THE FEDERALIST) – Alex Muresianu

Tariffs Hurt Trump’s Supporters Especially (FEE) – John Kristof

Trump blocking you is not a free speech issue (SPIKED) – Lindsay Marchello

How environmentalists shaped Republican immigration policy (GLENN BECK) – Sam Peak

Why Publix Shouldn’t Have Tried To Pander To Gun Control Protesters (THE FEDERALIST) – Matthew Larosiere

The Fight over DACA Makes Home Hostile for Young Immigrants (TOWNHALL) – John Kristof

You Should Be Able to Live on a Dead Golf Course (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

The ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ ruling is actually a win for LGBT rights (GLENN BECK) – Brad Polumbo

FIRST STEP Prison Reform Bill Should Be a No-Brainer (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard


Ep #112: Rachel Goldsmith & The Free State Project

Rachel Goldsmith is the Executive Director for the Free State Project, a coordinated effort to generate libertarian migration to New Hampshire. She joins the Young Voices podcast to talk about the organization’s mission, their annual PorcFest event this June, raising kids in the 21st century and free-range parenting.

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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Young Voices in the news (May 11-18)

Forget Abstinence Only: Let’s End Government Sex Ed Completely (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Liz Wolfe & Tyler Arnold

TPUSA is a safe space for campus conservatism (VICE NEWS) – Will Nardi

No Online Taxation without Representation (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Matt Larosiere

Allow Free Trade to Put American Patients First (TOWNHALL) – Lili Carneglia

Regulators Shouldn’t Touch the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – John Kristof

Matt Larosiere in a Armstrong Williams Townhall on violence in America

Dan King joins Armstrong Williams show for the week in news

Will Nardi on the Young Voices Podcast #111

Podcast #111: Avoid conservative safe spaces on campus

Ethan Greene on the Young Voices Podcast #110

Podcast #110: Market Urbanism and Nashville transit