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Podcast #48: Damn, Fox News Needs Kendrick Lamar

This past week Liz Wolfe, Managing Editor of Young Voices, wrote in the Washington Examiner that Fox News has a looming demographic problem, and they aren’t making it any better by attacking Kendrick Lamar and criminal justice reform. Stephen and Liz discuss Fox’s messaging problem, Millennial news habits and also what the exit of Bill O’ Reilly means for the future of Fox News.

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Young Voices Podcast #47: Drug Czars, ‘Hospital Slash Prisons’ and Other Bad Ideas

Lucy Steigerwald, Assistant Editor Young Voices, joins Stephen Kent on the Young Voices Podcast to discuss her recent publication in Playboy, concerning Jeff Sessions and the revival of the war on drugs. She takes politicians to task for years of failed policy when it comes to rehabilitation and punishment in the American justice system, and why it may just get even worse under the Trump administration. You can find Lucy of Twitter @LucyStag  and Young Voices @yvadv.
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