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Bill Wirtz quoted on the rise of Marion Le Pen in U.S. politics – FRANCE 24

The inclusion of renowned European nationalists at a recent conference of US conservatives (CPAC) and the change of government language about immigrants suggests a shift toward European-style populist nationalism within the reigning faction of the GOP.

“This idea that she is sort of more moderate, that really is confusing,” said Brussels-based libertarian pundit Bill Wirtz. “I’m not sure where they got that idea. You couldn’t have imagined Marion Le Pen being invited two years ago,” Wirtz said. “Some people have been invited to say things that you can’t say yet as a Republican. That’s where I am very worried –for the future condition.”




Young Voices in the news (Feb 14th-22nd)

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Alex Muresianu on how millennials can buy into conservatism – GLENN BECK

Alex Muresianu of Young Voices talks millennials & conservative solutions – GLENN BECK

Glenn Beck led off with “we’ve been working a lot with Young Voices lately” and it’s true! Alex Muresianu is the fourth Young Voices Advocate to cross the airwaves of the Glenn Beck Program and speak to the ideas of liberty from a millennial perspective. Today Alex joined Glenn to share 3 conservative ideas that millennials will love – if conservatives sell the ideas correctly.

You can check out the segment here: