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Young Voices in the news 9/10-9/21

Lawmakers, Let Automakers Innovate (RealClearPolicy) – Dan King & Andrew Wilford

Gun Control Lobby Eviscerates College Carry Law (American Conservative) – Matthew Larosiere

The EU’s Regulatory War on Google Is an Attack on Innovation (FEE) – Amelia Irvine

Automation Will Create More Fulfilling Work (FEE) – Don Lim

How About a Little Free Speech Protection for Unprotected Adjunct Professors? (Reason) – Liz Wolfe

Everyone is missing something in the energy grid study (RealClearEnergy) – Josh Smith

Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton? (American Conservative) – Jerrod Laber

A Censorious Sign of the Times (Spiked) – Dan King

Young Voices on the Glenn Beck Program (Glenn Beck) – Liz Wolfe

Young Voices in the news this week (9/2 – 9/8)

Public Funding for Private Stadiums Is Bad Policy (RealClearSports) – Josh Smith

Threats to the 2nd Amendment (TheBlaze TV)  – Matthew Larosiere

Questioning College Rape Epidemic Could Get You Fired (Reason) – Liz Wolfe

Houston’s Zoning Wasn’t the Problem. (It Might Be Even Be Part of the Solution (CityLab) – Nolan Gray

No, the Trump White House is not trying to hide a report on sexual assault and rape (Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

Why does the New York Times think women had better sex under socialism? (Examiner) – Amelia Irvine

Creating Attractive Schools And Allowing Choice Integrates Without Force (Federalist) – Katie Modesitt

What French Ministers Suing a Media Agency Says About Europe’s Idea of Press Freedom (FEE) – Bill Wirtz

Sorry, Jeff Sessions, But We’re Just Not Experiencing A Violent Crime Wave (Federalist) – Jonathan Haggerty

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Deter Innovation (RealClearEnergy) – Josh Smith

Years After Recession, Labor Challenges Remain (RealClearPolicy) – Anil Niraula

Liz Wolfe talks terror and political speech live from the NYSE with Cheddar TV

Watch the whole interview HERE

Illinois Senate has passed a resolution to label white nationalism and neo-Nazism as threats, with the potential to be catalysts for domestic terrorism. This resolution could have unintended consequences, though. Liz Wolfe, managing editor at Young Voices, joins us to break down the legislation, and how millennials speak about free speech.