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Young Voices in the news (June 29-July 6)


Competition Is Launching a New Golden Age of Space Travel (FEE)- Jack Hipkins

The War on Drugs Has Failed. It’s Time to Rethink Our Prison System (FEE)- Jake Grant

‘Liberty’ University? When It Comes to Free Speech, It’s Anything But (THE DAILY BEAST)- Bradley Polumbo

Worry about the national debt, not the trade deficit (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)- Amelia Irvine

We Need A Dramatic Rethinking Of U.S. Foreign Policy (ARC DIGITAL)- Jerrod Laber

Could This US Commonwealth Become a Real-World Wakanda? (FEE)- Ryan Khurana

The Complex Relationship Between Socialists and Immigration (COUNTER PUNCH)- Camilo Gómez


Podcast #114: Will Americans use renewable energy sources if it is voluntarily?

Supports of clean energy want to see alternatives to oil and coal take the lead in America, but don’t often consider the costs to consumers.

Josh Smith is a research manager with the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University. He joins the podcast today to talk about Renewal Portfolio Standards (RPS) and how these well-intentioned policies for state energy usage can have a lopsided impact on those with the fewest resources.

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Young Voices in the news (June 22-29)


Energy Markets Serve National Security Better Than Favoritism (REAL CLEAR ENERGY) – Josh Smith

The Social Security crisis won’t be solved by more taxing and spending (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jake Grant

The Crux Of Religious Liberty Cases Is Whether Wedding Cakes And Flowers Mean Anything Special (THE FEDERALIST) – Michael Zigismund

Conservatives need a better healthcare message (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Alex Muresianu