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Podcast #81: Free Speech Bills (Handle With Care)

Chris Machold has a warning for state implementing laws to protect free speech, handle with care. While these bills have great potential to move the meter towards more speech on campuses, instead of less, they can implemented in a way that backfires. Machold joins the Young Voices Podcast to discuss his piece in TownHall and talk free speech.

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Podcast #80: What if Trump Invited Kim Jong Un to Washington?

John Dale Grover has a bold idea for President Trump.

Stop Tweeting and have Kim Jong Un to DC, and then visit North Korea. In an age of increased communication capability we are more disconnected from this foe than ever. It’s not like the era of “the red phone” with Moscow. Miscommunication can have disastrous ramifications. John was published in RealClearDefense making the case for this meeting and he joins the the show to discuss.

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