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Natalie Le featured in Rare for her free speech advocacy

Natalie Le, a Young Voices Advocate and Student for Liberty organizer, was featured in a piece by Rare for her work on free speech at Harvard.

Campus free speech is an issue constantly making headlines as colleges and universities continue to institute speech codes in the name of tolerance that have the opposite effect—creating more intolerance for diverse ideas.

“Students’ free speech rights are constantly suppressed across American college campuses,” says Students For Liberty’s Natalie Bao Tram Le who has led this fight at Harvard, where she is a student, as well as nationally.

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Welcome Young Voices 2017 Summer Interns

Young Voices is on the move and growing everyday. We are excited to announce and introduce our 2017 Summer Interns!

Stephen Lusk is a marketing major at Mississippi State University and a participant in the Koch Internship Program Class of 2017! Stephen has been actively involved with Americans for Prosperity and is a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. When Stephen is not advocating for free societies, he can be found kayaking, talking college football, or grilling a mean steak.


 Andreas Elterich is an economics and computer science student at American University. He is VP of AU Students for Liberty and the Association of Computing Machinery and was on the e-board for College YMCA Campus and Beekeeping Society. He studied in Edinburgh, Scotland in Spring 2017. He loves hiking and traveling new places.


Tim Joslyn is an incoming senior at George Mason University studying Public Administration and Economics. He has interned around DC with startups in the political reform space and is excited to take those experiences forward into his future endeavors. When not trying to repair politics, Tim loves to read science fiction/fantasy, play video games and throw the frisbee around with friends.


Australia’s Health Care System Is Fine Until You Chuck a Sickie

Shortly after the US House of Representatives passed its latest iteration of health care reform, President Donald Trump said that Australia has “better health care than we do.”

The bill is actually a step toward the Australian ‘universal’ health system.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders clarified that Trump did not intend to suggest that he favors shifting to an Australian-style system, but was merely complimenting an ally. As Sanders explained, “[w]hat works in Australia may not work in the United States.”

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