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Young Voices in the news (June 8th – June 15th)


Why The Masterpiece Ruling Is A Loss For Both Sides, And All Americans (THE FEDERALIST)- Rachel Tripp

Don’t buy the Pentagon’s statements on Afghanistan (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE)- Jerrod A. Laber

Why Aren’t College Students Learning Anything? (NATIONAL REVIEW)- Bradley Polumbo

Imposed Tariffs Will Hardly Help American Workers and Consumers Going Forward (TOWNHALL)- Anil Niraula

The 3 Ways Diplomacy With North Korea Could End—and War is Still One of Them (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE)- John Dale Grover

New Study Suggests College Rape Prevention Programs Don’t Work (REASON)- Liz Wolfe

I’m gay, but I’ll pass on Pride Month (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)- Bradley Polumbo



Young Voices in the news (May 19 – June 8)


Any Resistance Worth Its Name Must Fight Trump’s Militarism (ANTI WAR) – Cory Massimino

Mass confiscation of ‘assault weapons’ isn’t going to happen (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Matthew Larosiere

Down Goes the Farm Bill (TOWNHALL) – Jake Grant

Reform Conservatism and Reaganomics: A middle road? (GLENN BECK) – Alex Muresianu

Amazon + Facial Recognition + Police = What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (WEEKLY STANDARD) – Dan King

College is still important (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Hannah Bennett

To Reduce Income Inequality, Privatize Social Security (THE FEDERALIST) – Alex Muresianu

Tariffs Hurt Trump’s Supporters Especially (FEE) – John Kristof

Trump blocking you is not a free speech issue (SPIKED)

How environmentalists shaped Republican immigration policy (GLENN BECK) – Sam Peak

Why Publix Shouldn’t Have Tried To Pander To Gun Control Protesters (THE FEDERALIST) – Matthew Larosiere

The Fight over DACA Makes Home Hostile for Young Immigrants (TOWNHALL) – John Kristof

You Should Be Able to Live on a Dead Golf Course (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

The ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ ruling is actually a win for LGBT rights (GLENN BECK) – Brad Polumbo

FIRST STEP Prison Reform Bill Should Be a No-Brainer (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard