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Young Voices in the news (July 13- July 20)


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Saudi Arabia’s mega-city project is doomed to failure (CAPX) – Jerrod Laber


Podcast #115: Nominees for the Young Voices Award (Nolan Gray, Brittany Hunter, Nick Sibila)

Young Voices had a great time being out in Las Vegas for FreedomFest 2018. We had the honor of presenting an award in our name to a writer under 30 moving the needle for liberty. Stephen Kent sat down with all 3 nominees in the convention center for the podcast conversations about their work.

Nick Sibilla, Institute for Justice: Nick is a writer and legislative analyst for the Institute for Justice, where he frequently covers civil forfeiture, occupational licensing, and other government schemes that violate individual rights. His writings have appeared in many high-profile outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, the New York Post, Barron’s, The Guardian, Slate, Wired, Reason, and numerous newspapers nationwide.

Brittany Hunter, Foundation for Economic Education: Brittany is an associate editor at the Foundation for Economic Education. Brittany often takes a millennial approach to her writing, hoping to show her peers how much they rely on free market marvels, like the sharing economy, in their daily lives. Previous to FEE, Brittany was a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, where she made frequent speaking appearances about millennials’ attitudes towards capitalism.

Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism: Nolan is the policy director for the Center for Market Urbanism and a grad student pursuing a Master’s in City and Regional Planning at Rutger’s University. Nolan is a rising star in the world of market urbanism. His work has appears frequently in CityLab, a division of The Atlantic, as well as


We will do a follow-up podcast with the winner!