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The First Order Are The (Anti)-Heroes Of ‘The Force Awakens’

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers.

The Force has awakened, and boy, did its beauty sleep produce good results. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” convincingly washes out the stink of the prequel trilogy and gives the franchise the kind of life it probably hasn’t seen since 1983. Now that “Star Wars” is more than the literary equivalent of the steaming wreckage of a once majestic Star Destroyer, at last we can settle in for an avalanche of thoroughly justified thinkpieces on the politics of that galaxy far, far away.

While plenty of commentators have argued (correctly, in my opinion) that the original trilogy really portrays the tragic fall of a great and meritocratic, if imperfect, empire brought low by ISIS-esque rebels, at first blush “The Force Awakens” makes this sort of contrarian spin look very difficult. Where the Empire in the original Star Wars only blew up one planet and never really committed much aggression beyond attacking its declared foes, “The Force Awakens” features what looks like a planet and several moons being blasted to smithereens by a sun-eating monstrosity called the “Starkiller Base,” seemingly without provocation.

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Expel People Who Demand Trigger Warnings

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education President Greg Lukianoff recently wrote a tour de force of an article entitled, “The Coddling of the American Mind.” In response, Maddy Myers of The Mary Sue wrote an article so petulant it verges on self-parody. Worse yet, it is insulting to the readers’ intelligence, insofar as Myers apparently believes that an article coauthored by a decades-long veteran of studying psychology (Haidt) simply suffers from a failure to understand post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Among the more amusing bits of Myers’ non-response is an admission that she “[doesn’t] have evidence back up [her] claims of how these warnings work,” but does have “a lot of anecdotal stories from friends about how they have trouble predicting what will ‘set off’ their anxiety.”

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Anthony Weiner

The Beginner’s Guide to #Gamergate

If you had to describe the emergent media phenomenon known as #Gamergate in one sentence, it would be this:

#Gamergate is a media scandal surrounding collusion between left-wing journalists and the people they are supposed to cover, in some cases including the interaction between a sexual relationship and positive media coverage.

However, as with most one sentence descriptions, this fails to capture the essence, so here is a hypothetical situation that may help conservative readers understand #GamerGate better:

Imagine that tomorrow, news broke that Anthony Weiner had been sleeping with Melissa Harris Perry during the summer of 2013, just before Harris Perry devoted a lengthy segment to bemoaning the sexting scandal as a distraction from “real issues.”

Got it? Now, imagine that the mainstream media absolutely refused to cover news of the relationship. No, I don’t mean “buried it on page A6,” I mean didn’t cover it at all.

Now, imagine that when media consumers started protesting to ask why the relationship was never mentioned, the media smeared everyone asking about the story as anti-Semites for badmouthing Anthony Weiner.

Now, imagine news came out that the reason they didn’t cover it was because there was a secret email list being maintained by prominent media members, where Weiner allies were threatening anyone who talked about the subject into silence.

Now, imagine that even after these revelations came out, everyone still pretended the only issue was anti-Semitism.

And finally, imagine that the few times that people decided to get together to talk about the scandal, or just to socialize with each other, left-wing activists, allies of our hypothetical Anthony Weiner, called in bomb threats to stop them.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump: A Moderate’s Secret Best Friend

Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

Donald Trump has once more proven that with the right type of viciousness, he can steal all the oxygen from the news cycle for other people. The most recent Trump offense is attacking Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for “bleeding out of her whatever,” a reference many assumed was to menstruation, although Trump has denied this. Combine that with Trump’s willingness to state that single payer “works in Canada” and Scotland on the debate stage, and you get a recipe for sure-fire bewilderment from conservative commentators and party figures about Trump having any continued appeal and a desire to stamp that appeal out where it exists. Erick Erickson of RedStatehas led the charge here by disinviting Trump from his RedState gathering.

These people are right to be confused and upset. They’re also right to point out that Trump’s substance, such as it is, doesn’t mesh with the standard conservative party line. Yet his base, apparently, is still defending him in every comments section fromRedState on down and handing him victories in self-reported polls like the one on theDrudge Report.

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GamerGate’s Anniversary and the Rise of the VideoCons

GamerGate’s champions these days seem to come almost exclusively from the Right.

What do you call a movement that began by calling out a self-described rapist and fighting to get funding for a media project designed by women? A movement whose mascot is a woman? A movement that has given thousands of dollars to help a brutally raped sex worker get back on her feet, while being made the target of a bomb threat that may have been encouraged by a man who believed that “rape is normal?”

Apparently, if you’re a feminist you call them a “hate group,” “terrorists,” “rape apologists,” and “worse than ISIS.”

The group is GamerGate, a consumer movement against dishonest, unethical, agenda-driven coverage of the gaming industry that quietly turned a year old this month.

Besides the successes listed above, GamerGate can be heralded as a movement that mounted the first serious resistance to the pervasive social justice ideology that has crept into seemingly every area of culture and politics.

That the ideologues in question took this resistance poorly is evident from the above quotes. It should be noted that their outrage was deeply hypocritical.

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