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Watch out for this new Obama rule on student loans

If Pennsylvania residents think taxes are high now, wait until they catch wind of the bill they’ll be footing under a new Obama administration regulation that could allow thousands of students to default on their loans.NEW KAYTEE MOYER HEADSHOT.jpeg

The “borrower defense to repayment” regulation, created during the Clinton administration, was originally established to protect students from being exploited by universities.

If a university were to break state laws, students could petition to challenge their loan repayments.

However, new amendments to these regulations, which are currently in review before final publication, creates murky waters for students to evade repaying their loans, forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab.

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It’s time for Pennsylvania to switch to an open primary

The 2016 election cycle has been unlike any presidential election in history.

The excitement and drama of the election has been fun and alluring for some, but for others, this election cycle has become repulsive.

With the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations seemingly in the bag, many voters feel disenfranchised by their political parties.

It isn’t hard to find people who are eager to disassociate with their political party.

It isn’t hard to find people who are eager to disassociate with their political party.

Just ask a former Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders supporter or look at #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary on twitter.

There are conservatives who feel that the Republican Party no longer represents their ideas and progressives who feel the same towards the Democratic Party.

People are actively rejecting party labels.

But when you look at the numbers prior to the Pennsylvania primary, it tells a slightly different story.

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Snowflakes: Stop Shutting Down Free Speech

A lack of diverse political discussion on college campuses does more harm than help to developing students.

College is a place for exploring new ideas and opening your mind to concepts you’ve never heard of before; not cowering in fear and retreating at the sight of chalk writings found on your campus sidewalk.

What has the environment on college campuses become if students are feeling threatened and unsafe because of someone writing a political candidates name in chalk on a sidewalk?

A history of shutting down political discussion, particularly from the right, has been emerging across college campuses and can have a detrimental effect on student’s education.

Just recently, when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro came to speak at California State University, Los Angeles, students had to literally sneak into the event due to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Student Union protesting and obstructing the events entrance.

Rather than shutting down speech that is contrary to your beliefs, students should engage on the subject. Students have the opportunity on college campuses to engage in ideas unlike at any other time in their lives.

Instead of suppressing someone else’s beliefs by demanding them silenced, challenge your opposition to a debate, peacefully protest an event, or hold your own counter event to share your side of the discussion.

Shutting down others speech does not make your opinion more valid or make you look mightier. It only makes you appear as if you don’t understand the concept of the 1st amendment and are too immature to have a conversation with your opposition.

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The Rebels of Harrisburg PA’s Trump Rally

On April 21st, Donald Trump graced the Harrisburg area with his presence, drawing nearly ten thousands Pennsylvanians to the Farm Show Complex.  His rally shared a facility with an Alpaca show that was going on at the same time.

@KilloughCNN @ADPEfferson TRUMPACAS!

— EJ Hill (@RicochetEJHill) April 21, 2016

The line to enter the venue was nearly wrapped around the 11 building arena, with little sign of it getting shorter as the evening progressed.

As I stood in line for the event, it felt more like attending a rock concert than attending a political rally. The energy among the attendees was electric. Those around me excitedly spoke of Trump and their belief in his messages.

Vendors took advantage of the long lines of Trump supporters, selling merchandise like knock off Make America Great Again hats and “Hot Chicks for Trump” pins.

The atmosphere projected by those outside the arena was crass, and far from family oriented. Upon joining the line, I was immediately told with a wink by a merchant that his Hillary For Prison shirt came “in size sexy.” It was going to be a long night.

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Americans might be angry – but where to go from that?

I get it, America. You’re angry.

You’re unhappy with the lack of results you have seen from your government.

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, a liberal or a conservative, your government has been letting you down: the war on drugs; increased taxation on an already deflated middle class; intrusion by the state into your healthcare, classroom, and even your home; and now, Americans are looking to government to solve more of our woes with big government in the form of socialist programs which shut down competition for the sake of equality.

But instead of looking to the government to fix our problems, have we considered that perhaps government intervention into so many aspects of our lives is the problem?

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